Jacqueline Ma

Award Winning National City Teacher Jacqueline Ma’s child sexual misconduct sets up controversy and trends on the web. Did she have sexual misconduct with an underage kid?

Learn about the teacher’s sex abuse controversy.

Award-winning elementary school teacher Jacqueline Ma was arrested Tuesday in San Diego’s South Bay.

According to the National City School District, she was charged with child sex abuse.

The 6th-grade teacher worked at Lincoln Acres Elementary School.

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Meet Jacqueline Ma: Know Of Her Controversy

According to San Diego County Sheriff’s Department records and several media outlets, Lincoln Acres Elementary School grade teacher Jacqueline Ma sexually abused a minor.

The case gained public attention as the underaged student filed a lawsuit against the teacher.

Jacqueline Ma
Award-winning teacher Jacqueline Ma was arrested for sexual abuse of a minor. (Source: 10 News)

The charges allege Jacqueline, 34, performed various lascivious acts of criminal sexual misconduct.

She faced three counts of oral copulation with an under-14 child and three counts of lewd and lascivious acts. 

The sheriff’s department confirmed that the teacher was charged with the counts at the Las Colinas Detention and Reentry Facility.

District Superintendent, Leighangela Brady, released a public statement confirming that Ma was arrested on campus at around 8 am. The Police arrested her away from the students.

The District Superintendent explained the situation in a statement reading: 

We and our entire school community are stunned by this horrific news. 

However, the district cannot comment any further on the pending investigation. We will cooperate with law enforcement and continue to do everything possible to ensure our students’ safety first and foremost.

Allegedly, Jacqueline has only one victim. Also, the district is only aware of a single victim; no other students have similar complaints regarding the teacher.

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Jacqueline Ma Alleged Of Sex Abuse Of Minor

Allegedly, Award-winning teacher Jacqueline Ma conducted a sexual assault on a minor. 

Jacqueline Ma
Lincoln Acres Elementary School grade teacher Jacqueline Ma was arrested for sexual misconduct and faced six counts. (Source: Daily Mail)

According to the charges, she faces six counts of felony child sex abuse.

Various online media outlets suggest that only one minor has come out to be her victim yet and accused Ma of sexual abuse.

Now, the 6th grade Lincoln Acres Elementary School teacher is arrested for her hideous crimes.

In a released letter from the district head, it read the district office is working on hiring a substitute teacher to replace Ma.

The letter also included asking people with information on the case to contact NCPD.

Cox named Ma one of five 2022-2023 Teachers of the Year in an educator’s annual showcase.

In Jacqueline’s profile section, she told Cox that she considers the relationships with her students as the most remarkable achievements while announcing her award. 

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