Steven Tyler Controversy

Steven Tyler’s sexual misconduct sets up controversy and is trending on the web. Did the Aerosmith frontman have sexual misconduct with an underage girlfriend? Learn about Steven Tyler Controversy. 

American songwriter, guitarist, singer, and Actor Steven Tyler’s net worth is $150 million.

One of the most admired rockstars, Tyler, gained international prominence as the lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith.

Aerosmith’s former leading singer has also won several awards as a vocalist. The Rolling Stone Magazine listed him as one of the 100 greatest singers.

His followers call him the “Demon of Screaming” for his ability to sing in a high pitch and wide vocal range.

In addition, the musician is famous for showing his acrobatic skill while he performs on stage.

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Steven Tyler Controversy: Is He A Pedophile?

According to several media outlets, former Aerosmith lead star Steven Tyler sexually abused a minor in the mid-70s. However, the case now gained public attention as the underaged girl, now a woman, filed a lawsuit against the artist.

Steven Tyler Controversy and sue
Known Artist Steven Tyler streaked Controversy and sued for his past crimes. (Source: People)

Rolling Stone suggests that the minor accused Tyler of a harsh partner who conducted sexual assault and sexual battery.

He gave the minor intentional emotional distress, even forcing her into getting an abortion.

Now, the known artist is sued for his hideous past crimes.

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Steven Tyler’s Sexual Acts With Underage Girlfriend Julia Holcomb

Steven Tyler sexual Assult on minor
Known Artist Steven Tyler faces heavy backlash for carrying out a sexual assault on a minor in the past. (Source: ABC News)

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