Fact-checking involves verifying the accuracy of information by evaluating it against a set of established standards.


The quote by George Bernard Shaw highlights the importance of this practice, noting that misinformation can be more harmful than not having any information.

In today’s digital age, access to information is abundant and easily accessible, which is great when used responsibly.

However, the widespread availability of information also makes it easier for people to spread false or sensationalized news, leading to negative consequences for society. Therefore, individuals must take responsibility for fact-checking the information they come across.

Points we abide by while proceeding with the process.

Fact-checking is a vital process for ensuring the accuracy of information. Our team follows strict guidelines to verify the information before publishing it. We check for the following:

  1. Names of players, their family members, brand names, Company names, and team names
  2. Numbers such as age, team number, statistics, and records
  3. Links, including internal links, outbound links, and affiliate merch links
  4. Up-to-date news about the celebrity or player
  5. Consistency with current information about the player and their whereabouts
  6. Accurate quotations from the player or celebrity

For our fact-checking, we use secondary sources from well-trusted and established websites, such as Wealthy Gorilla, Forbes, MLB, NFL, NBA, Celebrity Net Worth, and more. Our team comprises researchers, writers, editors, publishers, and updates, who work together to create the final product.

Our Trusted And Qualified Carriers

Our researchers compile all the up-to-date and relevant information about the subject and provide it to the writers. The writers use this information and their own research to create the initial draft. The editors then review the draft and verify the data from multiple sources to ensure that it is accurate. The publisher acts as the final gatekeeper, checking that the article meets our standards and is ready for publishing.

Aspects We Want To Work On And Aspiring To Build Our Foundation On

Even after publishing, our team of updaters constantly monitors the information to ensure that it remains accurate. In addition, We aspire to work on aspects like error-free articles, primary research information, accessibility for differently-abled individuals, and a more versatile and user-friendly website.