The trend of having a lot of teen actors in the industry is increasing rapidly. Similar is the case of Toby Nichols. He is one of the talented teen actors who has been part of big projects.

The most famous roles are seen in Salem, American Horror Story, and many more. But at such a young age, the actor can make significant strides. There is more to him that fans don’t talk about much. In this article, we will try to.

Toby Nichols net worth
Toby Nichols

But first, some quick facts are pretty important

Toby Nichols: Quick Facts

Full Name Toby Nichols
Date of Birth 2001/11 /30
Nickname Toby
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Louisana, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 18
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Height 5’3″
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $1 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter

Who Is Toby Nichols?

Toby Nichols is an American teen actor who rose to fame from Homefront. He is currently single.

Age and Parents

On 30th November 2001, Toby Nichols was born in Louisana. The name of the parents is not known. But sources claim that he has five other siblings.

Toby is 18 years old. He holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. The zodiac sign as being born in November falls under Sagittarius. It suggests the fact that he is straight forward and positive.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Toby is just into his teens and looks absolutely cute and charming when approaching the camera. His height reads at 5’3″, with the bodyweight being 46 kgs.

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With the increase in age, the weight will also see a rise. In the current scenario, though, the body is more of a slim outlook. Interestingly the vital body statistics are not known to the general people.

The most distinctive feature of the actor is the shining pair of eyes and also a positive personality. To make him look glowing and good green eyes along with the brown hair play an important role.

Early Life and Education

Nichols was born in Louisana and spent all of his childhood there with the family and siblings. Being the smallest child, he was highly pampered, and all of the needs were fulfilled.

From a very young age, Toby was fascinated by movies and acting. As a result of that, he always wanted to be in the field. With no surprise, his family also supported the decision.

In the case of educational attainment, though, the actor is in high school. The exact name of the institute is not known, but sources claim that he is involved in acting classes too. From the year 2012, Toby has been taking part in acting class and doing good.


Toby Nichols is one of those teen actors who made things happen pretty early with hard work and dedication. His acting classes in the year 2012 helped him find a debut role.

In the same year, he was part of Christmas Bully. It was the start of something big for the kid. Some of the great movies and series he has been part of our True Heroes, Chasing Ghosts, Arrow Of Lights, Project Z, and many more.

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His appeared projects have won lots of awards, which is pretty fascinating for the confidence of the teen. Even though he has been part of a handful of projects, American Horror Story stands out from the rest.

The role of Hank in the series was highly liked and admired by the audience. As a result of that, he became the household name in the most recent work though Toby has been part of Dark, a thriller.

With age and time being on his side, surely more of the outstanding work is bound to come. Readers will be made aware of it.

Awards and Accolades

The awards won by the man highly recognize the reach of the actor. In the case of Toby Nichols, there has been the right amount of nominations.

Toby Nichols girlfriend
Toby Nichols is single.

For the role in American Horror Story, he was nominated as the Young Artist. Similarly, for the movie True Heroes, the Best Actor Award also shows his reach.

As time goes by, more movies will bring more award opportunities for the budding actor, Toby, for sure.

Toby Nichols Girlfriend

Cute and handsome is a term that we associate with Toby Nichols. Yes, the good looking actor might be in his teens, but there are many hearts that might be beating for him.

Interestingly the actor has chosen the path of not being in any kind of relationship. It might come as a surprise to many, but his personal decision is to make it happen.

Not once has the actor been in any kind of relationship or also spotted with any other girl. It looks like study and career are the main focus right now for Toby.

With so much secrecy covering the scene, one thing can be said with assurance that he is neither married nor engaged up until now. As age goes by, surely he will have someone beautiful by his side.

Toby Nichols Net Worth: Income and Salary

At the tender age of 18, Nichols has taken significant strides in the acting world. It is basically due to his dedication and hard work the dream has come true.

For all the contributions to the field of acting, Toby sits on a net worth of $1 million. For the type of movies he has been part of, the amount surely isn’t the groundbreaking one.

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On the other hand, whenever Nichols is free, he loves to travel. Going to exotic places and also doing adventurous activities is the best hobby for him.

Rollercoasters, Sky-Diving, video games, and dogs are his weakness. It looks like he is a typical teen with big dreams.

Although the information on the net worth is available, annual income and assets owned remain hidden.

Internet Fame

Toby Nichols has just started and is a promising kid. As a matter of fact, the social media following for him is also a limited one. You can be a part of it through

Twitter1806 followers

Instagram4384 Followers

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