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There are lots of actors who tend to start their careers at an early age. Only some get fame along the way. Izzy Stannard is a teen actor who is making a giant step in the field of acting. His recent movies have created a buzz and also start to a legacy that will surely last for an extended period.

One of the highly surprising facts about this artist is that he was born female, but he loves to get addressed as a male. Well, surprising. There are lots to get surprised and fall in love with. Be it sexual orientation, personal life, and many more. So be there till the end.

izzy stannard age
Izzy Stannard

Allow us to aid you all with some quick facts.

Izzy Stannard: Quick Facts

Full Name Isaiah Stannard
Date of Birth 2004/10 /01
Nickname Izzy Stannard
Marital Status Single
Birthplace New York, USA
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $500,000
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Weight 40 kgs
Eye color Dark brown
Hair color Blonde


Isaiah Stannard was born on 1st October 2004 in New York City, USA. There is no information about his parents. Sadly there is no information about any of his siblings. Either his parents might be involved in the business world or acting nothing accurate can be said about it. We feel this actor is new to the industry, and it has grown up to a secretive nature.

As for Izzy’s nationality, he is American and mixed ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Libra, which suggests he is more creative and diplomatic, which can be seen at his young age.


One of the most talked topics is surely Izzy’s gender. Well, Izzy is born as a female but shows his wishes to address as a male.

At such a young age, this individual can know what to choose and how to approach life. This has helped him to accumulate a lot of fans and also make him a favorite celebrity of most people.

Age and Body Measurements

Izzy was born in 2004, which makes him 16 years old as of now. His height stands at 5’3″ and weighs 40 kgs.  Izzy has the decent height for a teen, and the weight perfectly suits the kid. There is no information about his vital body statistics.

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The cute face, along with the acting skills for a young boy, is some of the distinctive features. Added to that, this actor has dark brown hair and green eyes; it suits his looks and also has earned him a lot of fans. Something popping on the shoe and dress size will be updated soon.

Early life and Education

Izzy Stannard was born in New York City and spent most of his childhood there. He had a great upbringing and also normal childhood with his family. But his interest in acting was from a very early age.

For his educational background though he attended professional performing arts school and also got excellent training in voice and dance. His skill was seen from an early age as he portrayed the role of Charlie in the drama Charlie and Chocolate Factory. This shows the keen interest of the child.

Izzy Stannard Career

Izzy is a budding actor who has done a handful of movies and made the right amount of fans. The ever-rising career started in 2012. Commendable work was seen in Star Stuff. Moving along the work in a short movie, Party Dress is also a decent piece. Harper Klein was the role this kid performed, and it was entertaining.

izzy stannard net worth
Izzy Stannard

Stannard’s class was further seen in Brad’ Status. Not only acting, but he has done voice-over as Child Carl in Star Stuff: The Story Of Carl Sagan in 2015. Other recognizable roles of this actor are Good Girl, where he featured alongside Mae Whitman, Reno Wilson, Christina Hendricks. This Netflix series highly emphasizes on efforts of three suburban Detroit mother who went on and make ends meet.

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Stannard’s career is prominently rising, and he is making a step in the big picture. We hope that the days ahead are excellent and fruitful. Readers will be updated with any twist in the career.

Izzy Stannard Personal Life

Its understandable to lots of fans that having a girlfriend at the age of 16 is something out of the zone. Izzy doesn’t fall out of the territory and has stayed single till this point in time. With confusion about gender, surely having a partner is confusing.

There is no lady neither he is seen with anyone in events. According to sources, he is more of a secretive mentality in this department. We hope that with a change in time or more stabilization in movies, he will find out the perfect partner.

Izzy Stannard Net Worth

Izzy Stannard is a budding actor who is not much of an established name. He is still finding his feet, but he has a whole lot of time to make a mark on the list of top artists. Stannard’s current net worth is $50,000.

All of the net worth is from the acting and voice-over career. His salary is around $50-$100 per hour. Izzy has only done some movies but has made a lot of fans, and we can say with ease that he will do videos with big names in the future, which will add to his current net worth.

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One thing that can be speculated about Izzy is the fact that he might be doing some endorsements behind the scene with the cuteness he owns. Unfortunately, there is no information about his houses or cars that this actor holds. As soon as something pops up, we will do our best to deliver it to you.

Social Media Reach

Izzy might be 16 years old as of now. But surely his fans want day to day update of the cute boy. To fulfill the wish of the loving fans, Izzy is active in Instagram

Instagram1132 Followers

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  1. I don’t care about him being a girl i like her the way she is she’s cute and she was my favorite character from good girls i love her.


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