Jerome Jarre Age, Height, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram

One man with many careers. Well, that is Jerome Jarre. There are a minimum amount of people who knows about the achievements of the man. He is an entrepreneur, social media star, and many more.

Other than the earning made by him, the humanitarian effort is also talked about most of the time. Here we will let all the enthusiastic readers know about the man in detail.

Jerome Jarre net worth
Jerome Jarre

Let first start with some quick facts that help

Jerome Jarre: Quick Facts

Full Name Jerome Jarre
Date of Birth 1990/06 /29
Nickname Jerome
Marital Status Single
Birthplace France
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 30
Profession Celebrity, Philanthropist
Nationality French
Height 6’3″
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Net Worth $3 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter

Who Is Jerome Jarre?

Jerome is a French entrepreneur and also the fourth most followed personality in the app Vine. He is currently single.

Age and Parents

On 29th June 1990, Jerome Jarre was born in France. The name of his mother is Agnes Jarre, while the father name is under the radar. Other than that, he also has a brother whose name is still in the dark.

Jerome is 30 years old as of now. He holds French nationality along with mixed ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Cancer. People born under this zodiac are generous and sensitive at the same time. One can hardly deny the fact for sure.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Jarre is a very charming personality who is known for the smile and give away character. His height reads at 6’3” with the weight, not anyone to know.

It is the personal choice of the star to keep the information a secret. With the tall height comes the good looks and also the charming smile. Interestingly the vital body statistics are hidden under the radar.

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Jerome hits the gym most of the time, and, as a result, he looks healthy and fit. In order to make him look hunk and beautiful blonde hair along with blue eyes, he plays the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Jerome was born in France and spent all of his childhood there. A single mother raised him, so growing up, there were pretty tough times too.

But the man was always certain that he wanted to be in the field of business and philanthropy. His mother is still supportive of what he did as a kid.

In the case of educational background, though, Jarre dropped out of the business school to focus upon the own business. In a similar quest, he went to China to know and start his own business.


Jarre always tried new things from a very young age. With a bright business mind, the man went to China and started the software company.

With a friend named Christopher, Jerome co-founded the software company named Attendy. His business was going pretty good, but his career has another turn.

While working in China, he heard about Vine. To the readers who are not aware, he is one of the pioneers of Vine in making videos. Slow and steady, some of his videos received excellent crowd support.

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After six months of doing the business, he quit and became a full-time Vine video creator. It was a brave decision at that time, but the dedication made him successful.

With every knowledge possible, Jerome started a talent agency named Grapestory in the year 2013. The central theme of the agency was to find out Vine and Snapchat stars and launch them.

With this agency, the fame of fame has reached leaps and bounds. As of now, he has a huge fan following, and a lot of people love and respect him.


Not only making big-time money, but Jarre loves to give it back to society. As a matter of fact, Jarre alongside Gary Vaynerchuk found a talent agency in 2013.

Their first big launch, the Love Army has made massive money through campaigns to help children in the least developed country. Time and again, he is seen doing good for the people.

Jerome Jarre charity
Jerome Jarre doing social work

Not only that, but Google has also helped him out with the donations for the campaign.

Things have not always been easy going for the man. Once in a video, Jerome was seen kissing a man, and it created a big buzz in the media. A lot of people didn’t like it.

Jerome said he supports LGBTQ rights in defense of the act and is absolutely straight up until now. There were flying rumors of him being gay too.

Jerome Jarre Girlfriend

After all the rumors flying around the scene, Jarre was out straight. This was proven by his relationship status too. At one point in time, the Vine star was in a relationship.

To be precise, in 2015, Jerome was dating Jordan Hewson. She is the daughter of U2’s frontman. Things were going right when everyone knew about it through Instagram.

Later the pair broke up, and this left the fans in disarray. Following this breakup, though, Jerome has decided to remain absolutely single. Hardly has he ever talked about the love interest.

With so much secrecy around, one thing can be said with assurance that he is neither married nor engaged. If something fruitful comes out, readers will be made aware of it.

Jerome Jarre Net Worth: Income and Salary

For someone who loves giving back to the people and society, net worth must not be the field of interest. With all of his business and Vine popularity, the celebrity has made good bucks.

As of 2020, Jerome sits on a net worth of $3 million. All of this is purely due to the contribution to the varied fields. The talented individual likes to travel around the world and serve people.

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Reading books and also listening to music falls under his hobbies most of the time. As the information on the net worth is available, annual income and assets owned are hidden. Whatever it might be, he lives a lavish life.

Internet Fame

It is an undeniable fact that Jerome rose to fame with the help of Vine. In 2015 due to controversy, though, he quit the platform. But without much of a surprise, he is active on other platforms. You can be part of it through

Instagram1.4m followers

Twitter1.3m followers

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