Terral Evans

The Alligator Hunters around Louisiana live in a constant state of danger and excitement in their life. Some involved in the gator hunting business follow their passion, whereas some are just following the paths that their families have set for them. It is not to be neglected that it is a risky business. Terral Evans is also in the Alligator hunting business.

Among many famous gator hunters, Terral Evans is such a gentleman who is familiar to everyone. He has appeared on the reality TV show ‘Swamp People.’ He has made a successful career out of his passion.

This article will cover more aspects of his life, including early life, career, net worth, etc. So, please stick with us till the end of the article.

Terral Evans Net Worth
Terral Evans

Terral Evans: Quick Facts

Full Name Terral Evans
Date of Birth N/A
Age N/A
Birthplace Louisiana, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Television Personality, Hunter
Marital Status Married
Website www.terralevans.weebly.com
Height 6’4″
Weight 108kg
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Body Type Muscular
TV Shows Swamp People
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Presence Facebook

Terral Evans Short Bio

Terral Evans was brought up in the swamps during his childhood years. His fathers and grandfathers before him were also hunters, and that same passion flows down his veins. His childhood fun is not playing with toys and other things like most of the kids. He was brought up in the Honey Island Swamp. There, he learned the skills of catching alligators taught by his elders.

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Although he was young, he was very brave. His grandfather taught him many other techniques of survival as well as hunting. Due to his granddad’s great lessons, he would catch alligators with his bare hands even when he was young.


Such hard toil and work which he had faced as a child led him to join the Marine Corps as he grew up. His next adventure was to travel around the world and also serve his country. After fulfilling his ambition, he returned to his homeland and built a home there. It was time to settle down. He married, formed a family, and lived with them in Pearl River Honey Island Swamp.

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His passion since his childhood was hunting, and he became successful in achieving that dream too. There is nothing that gives a person more satisfaction than when his dreams are fulfilled. Achieving that is like getting to drink a glass of water after walking seven hours straight in the desert.

But, after fulfilling his ambitions, he ventured onto the next one. He went to work in the Oil & Chemical Industry, and over a span of thirty years, it can be truly said that he indeed made the right choice. He is now the Project Manager in the Industry.

Terral Evans in the ‘Swamp People’

‘Swamp People’ is a reality TV series that airs on History Channel that features the alligator hunters’ day-to-day activities in Louisiana. Many great hunters like Troy Landry, Jacob, Chase, etc., are some of the show’s regular casts. Here is a video of Terral Evans showing baby alligators.

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Terral Evans is also one of those who have appeared on the show alongside ‘Troy Landry.’ He also appeared with his friend Johny Panks in the second and fifth seasons of the show. He enjoys hunting and preserving the swamps and also making appearances on the show.

Terral Evans Net Worth

Alligator Hunting has certainly paid a lot to Terral Evans. He has enjoyed a vast amount of wealth from hunting and appearing on the show ‘Swamp People.’ Working hard can help you beat your competitors and make you money in addition. The saying “Hard work pays off” holds true to this hunter. He has certainly earned more than other gator hunters in Louisiana.

His exact earnings is not known. However, according to some sources, his net worth as of 2019 is estimated to be around $4 million.

Social Media Presence

Our Swamp Star does not like to indulge himself in the virtual world. He does not have a Twitter or Instagram account. While youth mostly favor Instagram to post their beautiful pictures and get awesome reactions, a man of that age surely doesn’t see any benefit in using it.

However, the Alligator hunter does have a Facebook profile.

Facebook13k followers

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