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As the Khalifa’s are famous in various industries, we are today talking about Wiz Khalifa, a renowned American Rapper. The rapper is also responsible for the track of ‘Fast and Furious 7‘—Wiz Khalifa net worth of $45 million. In fact, he is one of the richest rappers in the world. Adding to this, Wiz is also the ex-husband of the model/actress Amber Rose.

Even more, Wiz is also one of the stars that took the RnB genre to a whole new level. Also, Wiz has portrayed a role as Mac in the famous film ‘Mac And Devin Go To High School.’

Further about the American Rapper is given in the deck below. So could you stick with us?

Wiz Khalifa net worth, salary, income
The American Rapper Wiz Khalifa
source: Billboard

Before we get into the life of Wiz Khalifa, let’s take a look at some of his quick facts!

Wiz Khalifa: Quick Facts

Full Name: Wiz Khalifa
Age: 31 years 9 months
Birth Date: September 08, 1987
Horoscope: Virgo
Birth Place: Minot, North Dakota, USA
Father’s Name: Laurence Thomaz
Mother’s Name: Peachie Wimbush
Education: Taylor Allerdice High School
Profession: Rapper
Height: 6 feet 4 inches (1.93m)
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: $45 million
Ethnicity: Mixed (African- American)
Nationality: American
Weight: 82 Kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

Wiz Khalifa’s net worth of $45 million, as of 2019. Most of his income is generated through music. He also has a recording studio named ‘Taylor Gang Records’ that records music videos for various artists.

Furthermore, Wiz also has bought various luxurious items through his high income. He has already bought a lavish house that costs around $900,000 in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania. Adding to this,

The Rapper also has got a ton of luxurious cars that are worth millions. Besides this, Wiz even has a private jet. So, looking at Wiz Khalifa’s net worth, we can say that the music industry has paid him well.

 Wiz Khalifa Wiki-Bio

Wiz Khalifa’s real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz. Khalifa was born on September 8, 1987. Wiz’s parent’s name is Katie Wimbush Pulk and Laurance Thomaz. It is also known that he is from a military family. We also know that Wiz had a smaller brother, who later changed his sexuality to that of a girl. But death called his brother in 2017.

Wiz Khalifa Biography
Wiz Khalifas early life
source: Famous Biographies

He belongs to a Muslim family, as the name suggests. In addition,  his name also is pretty meaningful. Wiz means wisdom, and Kalifa means ‘successor.’We can say that it is true from his pretty successful career.

Talking about his educational career, he completed high school at Taylor Allderdice. However, there is not much information about this.

Wiz Khalifa Career

Wiz Khalifa came into the limelight due to his unique style. He first came into the music industry through an extended play of artists in his hood. Due to this, Wiz got a 10 year deal with Rostrum Record company.

Khalifa made great hits during this time. He made songs like Prince Of The City:  Welcome To Pistolvania Mixtape(2005) and the debut album named Prove And Show(2005). Due to this album, Wiz was also awarded the title of ‘Artists To Watch’ by Rolling Stones magazine.

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But the main attention came to the rapper when Wiz signed a deal with Warner Bros Record back in 2007.  His single titled Say Yeah was widely famous and also was featured in the radio channel while topping the charts. And also, in 2010, Wiz released another mixtape titled Kush and Orange Juice.

Again, the American rapper made another song named ‘Black and Yellow‘ with Atlanta Records, which jumped to number one in Billboard Hot 100 and became 6 times certified by the Recording Industry Association Of America(RIAA). After which, he released his third album named ‘Rolling Paper,’ which is still a favorite of many people.

Besides this,  Wiz’s song ‘See You Again‘ is also a massive hit as it hit number one for six weeks on Billboard Top 100.

Wiz Khalifa Arrest

The American rapper was once arrested for the possession of marijuana for a night and was released just before his new mixtape dropped. After which, the rapper openly declared his love for marijuana. Also, we know that Wiz started smoking kush in his teenage.


Talking about his girlfriends, Wiz has a lot of them. He has dated numerous models, television personalities, and musicians. Some of them are Darya Michell, Natalie Nunn, Khloe Kardashian, Rita Ora.

Most recently, there is news that Wiz has hooked up with a Canadian model, Winnie Harlow, whom the American rapper started dating in June 2018.

Ex-Wife and Divorce

Khalifa was previously married to Amber Rose. The duo met at the beginning of 2011. In addition, the duo got engaged on March 1, 2012. Most importantly, the duo walked the aisle on July 8, 2013.

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Furthermore, Rose is of Irish, Cape Verdean African, Scottish and Italian ancestry. Amber is an American citizen and was born on October 21, 1983. She also has a brother named Antonio Hewlett. The model grew up in Philadelphia with her brother.

However, the bond didn’t last long, and the duo got into their separate ways. The duo separated in September 2014. The reason for the divorce is due to infidelity accusations. Furthermore, Amber also received $1 million as a settlement for the divorce.


Wiz also has a son named Sebastian. The rapper’s son’s mother is no other than Amber Rose. Sebastian was born in 2013. Further details about him are still unknown.

Besides this, Sebastian is in the joint custody of his parents after their divorce.

Wiz Khalifa’s Love For Kush

As we all know, Khalifa is mostly famous due to his love for cannabis. He also claimed in an interview that he spends around $10 k  per month on kush.  Wiz also stated that he smokes every day.

Wiz Khalifa's Kush Love
Want to get some kush in you??

In addition, since 2014, Wiz doesn’t have to pay for Marijuana. The Cookie Company is currently sponsoring him. The company now sells a strain named the Khalifa Kush(KK) that Wiz partnered with River Rock Cannabis.

Furthermore, Wiz also made an appearance in cooking with Snoop Dog and Martha, where the main ingredient is the weed.

Relationship with Snoop Dog

Wiz’s relation with Snoop Dog is pretty good, as we can see from the videos and their posts on social media profiles. They both were also the cast for the famous stoner comedy ‘Mac And Devin Go To Highschool.’ Moreover, Snoop is seen in many music videos of Wiz Khalifa and vice-versa.

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Both Snoop and Wiz are look-alike with their body structure and lifestyle. However, they are not related by blood but are like brothers.

Besides this, Wiz and Snoop have similar interests. The interests like smoking, growing special kush for their consumption, and making international hit songs.

Body Measurements and Tattoos

Wiz Khalifa stands tall at the height of 6’4″ and has a bodyweight of 84 kg. Additionally, the rapper has got black eyes and hair. As of 2019, Wiz is 32 years old.

Talking about his tattoos, Wiz has a lot of them. He is currently fully covered in tattoos. However, Wiz got his first tattoo at the age of 17. All the tattoos that are embedded in the body of the rapper have a meaning, as stated by him.

Social Media Presence

The rapper is pretty famous on social media. Wiz is active on all social media platforms. The rapper has a lot of fans and followers on social media profiles.

Instagram27 million followers

Youtube18 million subscribers

Facebook38 million followers

Twitter34 million followers

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