People are curious to know who Sony Hewitt was and what was the cause of her death. 

The death of a woman at a hotel in Montego Bay, St. James, on Sunday is being looked into by the local police.

Sony Hewitt, age 25, has been identified as the woman. Hewitt allegedly fell from the well-known hotel’s balcony.

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She was allegedly spending her birthday on the premises. According to the authorities, the incident could be a case of death by accident.

At this point, it’s still being determined what else we know about the incident.

Who Was Sony Hewitt? 25 Years Old Woman Dead At St James Hotel

However, Sony Hewitt was a social media influencer who many people did not recognize. She has around 3.5k friends and followers on her Facebook account. 

She was a high school graduate from 2010-2015 from Edwin Allen High, located in Water Works, Frankfield, Jamaica. 

Sony Hewitt
Sony Hewitt Holding The Number 20 On Her 20th Birthday Celebrating With Her Friends (Source: Facebook)

She has updated her family relationship section on her Facebook. She has kept Champagne Roman as her sister, Mel Bling and Ingrid Hewitt as her Aunt, Annakay S. Gordon as her cousin, and June Lee Kush as her sister-in-law. 

It seems like she is into sports, as she has liked pages of Chelsea Football Club, Sheffield Wednesday FC, England Rugby, and Sheffield United F.C. Sony should have been a sports person as she has been looking fit in her photos. 

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Someone has a daughter, a sister, and a niece. Her family may have been fantasizing about her future plans, but they must have been devastated to learn of Sony Hewitt’s death.

Sony Hewitt Death Information So Far

She was 25 years old the day she died as it was her birthday celebrating with her friends and family. 

Sony Hewitt
Photo Of Sony Hewitt Which She Posted On Her Facebook Account (Source: Facebook)

The Allegations are that her ex-boyfriend, who was in a rage with her after their separation, might have pushed her from the hotel’s balcony. 

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As it was her birthday party, many people claimed that she had been intoxicated with alcohol and other substances, but no official data was available. 

Police are yet to confirm everything officially as the investigation is still going throughout the hotel. 

You may get the update as soon as the officials get something out of this case. 

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