Shelly Miscavige missing case

Shelly Miscavige Missing case again into the air after Leah Remini questioned the LAPD and the Church Of Scientology for biased and unprofessional acts.

Michele Diane Miscavige is one of the members of the Church of Scientology, a group of interconnected corporate entities dealing with unusual religious and spiritual beliefs usually known as cults.

She’s the rarely-seen wife of the church’s leader, David Miscavige, who was last seen in 2007. The whereabouts of the famous church’s leader’s wife, Shelly, are still unknown.

Moreover, many are interested in the debate over whether the missing member of the Scientology society is dead or alive.

Since her albeit noticeable absence from the public eye and withdrawal from appearances, the first lady has become the subject of debate and speculation.

Since 2007, the story of the missing member has again reached its peak. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), after getting the report of the Shelly Miscavige missing case, started an investigation but couldn’t reach her for more details.

The story is now about 15 years old, and over time, several statements regarding the position of the investigation and the whereabouts of the missing person have been released.

According to a former Scientologist who spoke with a news outlet, the Church of Scientology is one of the most secretive Scientology bases in the world, and anything could have happened.

Some people even found out while speaking that Shelly Miscavige’s missing case is linked to her mother, Mary Florence’s action of resigning as a Scientologist and taking upper-level confidential materials.

And according to sources, this fact can’t be denied either, and for such a secretive cult-following society, privacy matters before everything.

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Shelly Miscavige Missing: Is She Dead For Real Or Not?

A 2014 article reported that Shelly Miscavige, whose real first name is Michele, rose through the ranks of the Church of Scientology alongside her husband to become “the First Lady of Scientology.”

With such power and privilege in hand, she rose to be a part of the elite Scientology group, the Sea Organization.

According to sources who did several pieces of research, to become a member of such a group, one needs to sign contracts and commit to it for a billion years of service.

But after a few years in the elite Scientology organization, the first lady, David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly Miscavige’s missing case, came to public attention.

Shelly Miscavige missing case
Shelly Miscavige’s Last Photo That Is Available On Internet. (Source: ATI)

She was lost for about 15 years, and the LAPD closed and dismissed the case upfront after no details were discovered for this long.

But, recently, the Shelly Miscavige missing person case has resurfaced, with everyone wondering whether she is dead or alive.

On November 10, 2022, Leah Remini, the advocate, and the lady who filed the Shelly Miscavige missing case, shared an update on her investigation into Miscavige’s whereabouts and raised concerns about the LAPD investigation through her Twitter handle.

LAPD, in response to her allegations of the unprofessional and biased investigation, said in a press release, “In 2014, Los Angeles Police Department detectives assigned to the Shelly Miscavige case went to Miscavige’s location and personally made contact with her and her attorney.”

Detectives found her to be alive and safe and subsequently closed the missing persons’ investigation.

With such a weird statement from LAPD, everyone around started raising questions to share the details, but LAPD was reported to have denied all requests.

It seems that the Church of Scientology has great influence over the government and mostly over the police department.

Is Shelly Miscavige Missing Case Similar To Shelly’s Mother Florence’s Case?

If anyone would take a deep dive into this case, many details would indeed be discovered.

According to sources, the Shelly Miscavige missing case is just one of many that have drawn public attention to the Church of Scientology’s history of dealing with cults and unusual cultures.

Aside from that, there have been several cases that have never been revealed or discovered.

Thinking about this case and trying to understand the details, private investigators found out the first lady’s mother was found shot dead in the place she was hiding.

At the age of 52, when Florence Barnett tried to quit the group of Scientologists by taking some high-level confidential documents, she was reportedly murdered with a shot to the head from a Ruger 10/22 rifle.

David Miscavige vehemently denied any part in his mother-in-law’s death in an affidavit on the case, calling it a “personal tragedy in my family‚Äôs life.”

However, reports have been published by the witness who saw him cursing for death. Later, the witness himself went missing.

It is quite weird that in the same year that Shelly was reported missing in 2007, her father, Maurice Elliott Barnett, was also found dead in his room. All of these things might not be coincidences.

shelly miscavige missing case
Police Again Gets Involved Questioning The Odds Of Similarities Between Shelly And Her Mother’s Case. (Source: Meaww)

Not only did this witness see the first and last on her final days, but they all went missing or were found dead over time. It seems like someone is protecting the truth and not letting it out about Shelly Miscavige’s missing case.

Even though the LAPD reportedly stated that Shelly Miscavige is alive, some investigators, such as Leah Remini, reopened the investigation into her disappearance in 2022.

And when Remini tried to directly contact the first lady, Miscavige, after 15 years, those actions were reportedly precluded by the church and LAPD.

This action raises the question of whether the situation has already been resolved, and Selly is alive, or she is dead somewhere.

But no one has seen her alive since 2007, so for 15 years and in the public eye, the question still roams around: Is Shelly dead just like her parents?

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