Gino Odjick Health

The passing of ice hockey player Odjick has come as a shock to his fans. This article will delve into Gino Odjick’s health issues leading up to his death.

The Vancouver Canucks announced the passing of former left winger Gino Odjick, who died at 52.

Gino Odjick, known as “Algonquin Assassin,” was a professional ice hockey player who played 12 seasons in the NHL from 1990-2002.

He played for the Vancouver Canucks, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and Montreal Canadiens. He was of Algonquin heritage.

The late sportsman was born Wayne Odjick on September 7, 1970, in the Algonquin reserve of Kitigan Zibi, Quebec. He was the fourth and only son of six children of Joe and Giselle Odjick.

Gino Odjick’s Father, Joe, was sent to a residential school at age 9, where he received number 29, which Gino later used during his NHL career.

Mr. Odjick grew up playing hockey and joined his first organized team at 11, which his father coached.

He played in the 1983 Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament with a minor hockey team from Maniwaki.

He continued to play with local teams on reserves until he was 15, when he accepted a try-out for the Hawkesbury Hawks, a Tier II junior team from Ontario.

Gino switched to being an enforcer, given the nickname “Algonquin Assassin” due to his heritage and fighting skills.

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Gino Odjick Health Issue Before Death

Talking about Gino Odjick Health Issue Before his Death, in 2014, Odjick was diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a disease that he claims affected his organs and heart.

Amyloidosis is a rare condition in which a protein called amyloid builds up in the body’s organs and tissues, causing damage.

Gino Odjick Death
Gino Odjick Health: Gino Odjick with his sister. (Source: Facebook)

Gino Odjick, who had been given a prognosis of only a few weeks to a few months to live, underwent experimental treatment in Ottawa and went into remission by 2017, defying the odds.

Similarly, due to the flu, Gino Odjick could not attend the 2022 First Nations Night at Rogers Arena in March of 2022.

Gino Odjick’s passing on January 15, 2023, was caused by a heart attack. 

Gino Odjick Death

Gino Odjick’s passing shocked many, including his family and friends.

His sister, Dina Odjick, announced the news on Facebook on Sunday with a heavy heart, expressing sadness and grief at the loss of her brother.

The announcement was met with condolences and tributes from those who knew Gino and his impact on the hockey community and from fans who followed his career.

Gino Odjick Death
Gino Odjick Health: Gino Odjick with his sister and brother. (Source: Facebook)

The loss of Gino Odjick is a tragic one, and he will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him.

The news announcement was shared through social media, where many people could see and express their condolences.

Sharing news of a death on social media allows the community to express condolences and share memories of the person who passed away.

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Meet Gino Odjick Wife Jolene Odjick And Their Kids

Jolene Odjick is well-known for being the wife of the former ice hockey player Gino Odjick. She has always been a supportive and loving partner to Gino and has been by his side throughout his career and personal life.

Jolene was known for being a very caring and attentive wife, always ensuring that Gino’s needs were met and that he was well taken care of.

She was a constant source of support and encouragement for Gino and has been instrumental in helping him through difficult times.

Their relationship was an example of a strong bond and partnership.

Jolene and Gino Odjick welcomed two children, Bure Odjick and Tobias Commanda-Odjick.

Although Gino had a public figure as a professional ice hockey player, he appeared to have kept his personal life private.

He had not shared much information about his family with the public.

They likely wanted to protect their family’s privacy and not have their personal life in the spotlight.

However, it’s clear that the pair have a strong and loving family and that their children are a source of joy and pride for them.

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