Junior Edwards: Net worth, Personal Life & Swamp People

A famous alligator hunter and a reality television star, “Junior Edwards” is a brave, honest, and down-to-earth person. His success from the show ‘Swamp People‘ and his hunting business has not made him forget where he came from. Although the daily dose of hunting and risky adventure requires him to be hot-headed, he shows love and cares towards his family.

He does not let the effects of work get shown in his personal life. Running his business with his son, he does not have problems regarding wealth. Here, we will be discussing his personal life, career, and net worth. So, continue scrolling below.

Junior Edwards
Junior Edwards

Junior Edwards: Quick Facts

Full Name Junior Edwards
Birthplace Louisiana, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession The reality TV star, Alligator Hunter
Marital Status Married
Sun Sign N/A
Educational Background N/A
TV show Swamp People
Net worth $500k
Plastic Surgery None
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Sexual orientation Straight
Spouse Theresa Edwards
Children Two (One deceased)
Social Media Presence Facebook and Twitter

Junior Edwards Swamp People

Much is not known regarding the early life and days of Junior Edwards. He has been in the eye of the media many times, and he has done several interviews also. But, he does not discuss many things regarding his early life, his parents, or his upbringing.

Likewise, there is also not much information regarding his academic qualification and background. But who cares about that when you get to catch alligators and make your name and fame appearing in reality shows. Most of the people who are shown in the series ‘Swamp People’ tend to be secretive, which is why it becomes difficult to get to know more information about them.

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He did not start his career in hunting, however. Before being a hunter, he was a professional fisherman. But soon, he got more interested in hunting after mastering the skills and made it his career. He could not ignore his passion.

Junior Edwards Net worth

Having been involved in fishing before hunting and starring in a reality tv series, he has earned an impressive amount of money. Furthermore, before becoming a hunter, he was involved in wrestling too. He had participated in Super Brawl- Future Brawl 4 in the year 1996. However, he lost to Jay R. Palmer.

Junior Edwards’ Net worth in 2019 is estimated to be around $500k.

Although the exact figure is not given regarding his net worth, some sources estimate that it is around $500k. His involvement in the series ‘Swamp People’ played a big role in increasing his net worth.

Family Life( Wife and Kids)

Junior Edwards is married to Theresa Edwards, and they share their love with each other on-screen as well as off-screen. They have married for quite some time. This can be known by the fact that they have a grown-up son. His other son, Randy, passed away a few years ago.

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Junior likes spending time with his family and his son. They both have appeared on the show ‘Swamp People’. They have both been known to have quite an unforgettable relationship during the show. Although they have love towards each other, it shouldn’t be shocking when we see Junior shouting at his son over the small mistakes he makes.

Although his father may be harsh at times, Willie never speaks any ill of him. He understands that he is getting all the yelling so that he can improve more, be successful, and teach his own child the same thing. He is also becoming ready to take his father’s place when he leaves his legacy in his son’s hand.

Personality and Body Measurements

He is a very down-to-earth person with a masculine and well-shaped body and good looking facial features. That added with his charm, flamboyant personality, and honesty has helped him to increase his fan following. He seems to be having a decent height.

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However, his exact height, weight, and other body measurements are not known. With such good looks, he has no need of any plastic surgery. His smile is enough for ladies to fall for him. His success and riches have not made him arrogant and proud. Quite the contrary, he believes in ‘simple living and high thinking.’

Social Media Presence

Unlike some of his fellow alligator hunters, Junior does have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. However, he first started tweeting in 2012, and since then, he has tweeted 3 times. Yes! You heard that right, three times. His first tweet was “Tryin’ to figure out this Twitter thing.” You can see for yourself. However, if you want to follow him, please click on the link below.

Posted by Junior and Willie Edwards on Monday, September 24, 2018

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