Jay Paul Molinere

An alligator hunter, a reality TV star, and a former professional boxer, Jay Paul Molinere, is one of the hunters who appear in the reality television series ‘Swamp People‘. The series showcases the hunters’ day-to-day activities who hunt alligators during the hunting period and move forward on surviving for the rest of the year.

In this article, we will be exploring Jay’s personal life, net worth, and so on. So, keep scrolling down.

jay paul molinere
Jay Paul Molinere

Quick Facts

Full Name: Jay Paul Molinere
Date of Birth:  August 20, 1988
Age: 31 years old
Birthplace: Louisiana, USA
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Television PersonalityAlligator Hunter, Professional Boxer
Marital Status: Married
Children: Two
TV shows: Swamp People
Education: South Terrebonne High School
Spouse: Ashleigh Molinere
Father: R.J. Molinere
Mother: Stacey Molinere
Sun Sign: Leo
Net Worth: $800k
Social Media: Twitter

Jay Paul Molinere Short Bio

The son of the great hunter R.J. Molinere was born on August 20, 1988, in Louisiana, United States of America. Jay Paul’s mother’s name is Stacey Molinere. He belongs to the white ethnicity. He became just like his father- a great gator hunter.

Jay Paul is 31 years old as of now. He has a horoscope of Leo. Further, the hunter has got a pair of black eyes.

Jay Paul Boxing Career

We know him from his appearances in the reality TV series ‘Swamp People‘. However, before coming to the show, he was a professional boxer. He was a champion in MMA fighting. He had developed this interest in boxing ever since he was a child.

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His father noticed that and became a leading source of inspiration for him. So, he started learning from the age of six. His father, R.J, is a renowned arm-wrestling world champion.

No wonder he got the ability to hit hard from his father. Among his family members, his uncle Elsie has been training him throughout his life, and he should be given credit for his capability.

Jay Paul’s Career In Swamp People

Aside from being a boxing champion, he has been a professional alligator hunter for quite some time. He has been practicing it since his childhood and has made his father proud.

The duo of father and son and their hunting adventures, shown in the show “Swamp People,” is not to be missed. They work great together as a team.

jay and his father
Jay and his father

He is good friends with other gator hunters like Jacob Landry. Although the show has earned him success, money, and reputation, according to him, he will still return to his boxing career.

Jay Paul Net worth

Having a successful career in gator hunting and starring in the reality series Swamp People, Jay has a net worth of thousands. He has been involved in the show since 2011 and hunting besides his father ever since.

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Jay Paul’s net worth in 2019 is estimated to be $800 thousand.

The 30-day gator hunting period is the period in which hunters are allowed to hunt for a specific duration and a particular number of alligators. So, experience and skill play a key role here.

Who Is Jay Paul Married To?

Being a successful person at an early age and impressing everyone with his skills, many girls are crazy for him. He has impressive capabilities, a pleasant personality, and a better physique and appearance. So, it is no wonder to imagine that he couldn’t be kept unmarried for long.

Although we do not have much information regarding his past affairs, he tied the knot with Ashleigh. The date of their marriage is not known. However, they both are delighted with each other. They have two children.

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The elder son is named Jaydin (we can see the reference from ‘Jay’), and the younger daughter is named A’niyah Nikole Molinere.

Almost all the hunters have very close relationships with their family members. This may be due to the fact of having shared different kinds of adventures, ups and downs. Similarly, Jay is also very close to his family.

He likes spending time with his wife and kids. Maybe he even sees the future hunter in his kid. There have been rumors of another child on its way. But, those are just rumors. Time will tell the truth.

Social Media Presence

Jay Paul Molinere is active on Twitter. He has 55k followers on Twitter.

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  1. it was so amazing knowing more about the life in the swamp region of louisiana and its tradition os fishing hunting not only common fishes and savage birds and turtles or the strange garfishes but as well and principally to hunt very dangerous animal like the “alligators”and more into so fragile dugouts canoes,really they are very courageous men,who earns their lives practicing fishing and hunting on a very traditional way and style of life typically of the bayoux.!!!

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