Is Gary Lineker Jewish?

Is Gary Lineker Jewish? Audiences want to know more about Gary’s personal life at this point.

Gary Winston Lineker OBE is an English sports broadcaster and former professional footballer.

His media career began with the BBC, where he has hosted Match of the Day, the flagship football show, since the late 1990s, the longest tenure of any MOTD host.

Lineker also serves as the BBC’s lead presenter for live football matches, including international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup.

He has also worked for Al Jazeera Sports, Eredivisie Live, NBC Sports Network, and BT Sport’s coverage of the UEFA Champions League.

Gary Lineker Religion and Parents: Is He Jewish?

Yes, Gary Lineker is Jewish. Jews believe in a single God who has entered into a covenant (or special agreement) with them.

Their God communicates with believers via prophets, rewards good deeds, and punishes evil. The vast majority of Jews believe that their Messiah has not yet arrived—but will do so one day.

Gary Winston Lineker was born on November 30, 1960, in Leicester, England, to Margaret P. (Abbs) and Barry Lineker.

Is Gary Lineker Jewish?
Gary Lineker is an English former professional footballer and current sports broadcaster. (Source: BBC)

Gary’s middle name was given to him in honor of Winston Churchill, whose birthday he shares. His younger brother, Wayne, is two years his junior.

Lineker was raised in the city with his family and played football with Wayne. Their father, grandfather William, and great-grandfather George were all greengrocers in Leicester.

Gary used to work as a child and young player on Barry Lineker’s fruit and vegetable stall in Leicester Market. As a child, Lineker, who is white, was bullied because of his skin color.

Lineker began his education at Caldecote Road School in Braunstone, Leicestershire.

He then attended the City of Leicester Boys’ Grammar School on Downing Drive in Evington because he preferred football to rugby, the primary sport at most schools near his home. Lineker was a star in both football and cricket.

From 11 to 16, he captained the Leicestershire Schools cricket team, believing it offered him a better chance of success than football.

He later admitted on They Think It’s All Over that he idolized former England captain David Gower, who was playing for Leicestershire when he was a teenager.

He was a member of Aylestone Park Youth and later became the club’s president.

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Gary Lineker net worth

According to the celebrity net worth website, Gary Lineker, a retired English footballer and sports broadcaster, has a net worth of $35 million.

He was born on November 30, 1960. He was born and raised in Leicester, England. Lineker holds the English record with ten goals in FIFA World Cup finals plays.

Leicester City was his first club, where he played from 1978 to 1985, scoring 95 goals in 194 games. Lineker scored 30 goals in 41 games for Everton from 1985 to 1986.

Is Gary Lineker Jewish?
Gary Lineker is a retired English footballer and sports broadcaster with a net worth of $35 million. (Source: Esquire)

He moved to Barcelona in 1986, where he scored 42 goals in 103 appearances. In 1986, he also won the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot. He joined Tottenham Hotspur in 1989, where he played 105 games and scored 67 goals.

His final club was Nagoya Grampus Eight, where he scored four goals in 18 appearances. He scored 330 goals at the club and international levels during his 16-year career.

After retiring from football, the former athlete joined the BBC, hosted “Match of the Day,” and appeared on the sports game show “They Think It’s All Over.”

In 2003, Lineker was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame. Lineker has also contributed columns to “The Sunday Telegraph” and joined the NBC Sports Network in 2013.

Gary Lineker is paid $3 million per year to host “Match of the Day,” according to reports in 2017.

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What Did Gary Lineker Tweet? BBC Suspension Explained

Being a media figure has its pro and cons. On the one hand, a journalist can freely question and criticize any wrongdoings. However, the same activity can lead to them being criticized and slammed by the public and authorities.

Likewise, Gary’s tweet about UK’s asylum policy caused such a stir that the outcome saw him being suspended by the BBC. In his own words, he called the Stop The Boats Bill an “immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in the language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s.”

The comparison with Nazi Germany indeed received much condemnation from the public. Many social media users called Gary out, with one even tweeting that his comment was out of order.

Similarly, the conservative parties and MPs denounced the TV presenter’s remarks. Likewise, UK home secretary Suella Braverman also called out the presenter for his comparison of the government’s language with Nazis.

As the matter continued gaining more attention, BBC suspended Lineker from his Match of the Day presenter role on March 10, 2023.

However, Gary stood by his commentaries and didn’t apologize. Many have supported his decision and criticized BBC’s suspension. For instance,  Steve Wilson, Ian Wright, Conor McNamara, Steven Wyeth, Robyn Cowen, and Alan Shearer announced they wouldn’t be part of the broadcast.

Gary Lineker Twitter Comment
BBC suspended Gary Lineker due to his Tweet.

Likewise, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachael Reeves made the assumption that BBC took off Gary on air due to pressure from conservative parties. She also contrasted Gary’s suspension with the BBC chairman Richard Sharp, who continues his job despite being investigated.

The journalist hasn’t spoken about BBC’s suspension, claiming he can’t speak at the moment. On the other hand, his son, George Lineker, made a lengthy Twitter statement regarding the matter.

He tweeted,

Dad is a good man, a good human, and I’m proud of him for standing by his word. That’s why he was pulled off the show – because he wouldn’t apologise.

Nonetheless, according to recent reports, the conversation between BBC and the sports broadcaster is moving in the right direction. Although the matter is yet to be fully resolved, it does increase the chances of seeing Gary back on the TV.

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