Gary Green Death Penalty

Gary Green Death Penalty is a topic of interest to everyone following up with his case. Audiences are eager to know about him.

This week, the State of Texas will execute Gary Green and Arthur Brown Jr..

The intellectual disability of both men has been a source of concern for their legal counsel. In Brown’s case, the defense contends that the state suppressed information that might have led to his dismissal for almost 30 years.

Texas has already executed three individuals in 2023: Robert Fratta, Wesley Ruiz, and John Balentine.

Five more executions are anticipated before the year is over. Due to complications from surgery, Henry Skinner, whose execution was also scheduled for September, passed away last month.

Compared to the state’s total of five murders in 2022, this represents a rise, but the three years with only five executions were an anomaly.

Gary Green Death Penalty

Discussions about Green’s predicament have lasted for years. However, they could not demonstrate that the crimes were committed due to his mental illness during his trial.

Due to his client’s intellectual disability and prior mental disorder, Green’s attorney is trying to halt the execution.

Gary Green, who is 51, will be put to death at the Huntsville state prison via a fatal injection.

Gary Green Death Penalty
Green is facing execution for fatally stabbing his estranged wife and drowning her 7-year-old daughter in a bathtub in September 2009. (Source: Texas Department of criminal justice)

For stabbing his wife, Lovetta Armstead, and drowning her 6-year-old daughter Jazzmen Montgomery at their Dallas, Texas, home on September 21, 2009, he was given the death sentence in 2010.

Green will become the fourth prisoner to be executed in Texas this year if his execution goes forward.

The state put Wesley Ruiz, John Balentine, and Robert Fratta to death on January 10 and February 1, respectively.

In Texas, Arthur Brown Jr. will be killed on Thursday, and Anibal Canales Jr. will be executed on March 29.

Green’s defense counsel claimed that the crimes resulted from his mental illness.

He supposedly told the Police that he had heard voices and thought Armstead and her kids were planning an attack on him when he called the Police.

These allegations backed his use of a mental defense to enter a not-guilty plea. But the judge executed him after finding him guilty. Just one month before the killings, Green was given medication for schizophrenia and depression following four days in a mental hospital.

He used to be able to afford to take it, but not anymore. Given his past mental illness, his lawyer makes the case that he shouldn’t be executed.

The case of Green raises essential questions about the connection between mental illness and the execution penalty.

Despite the defense attorneys’ assertions that their client’s mental illness was what motivated him to commit the crimes, the court found him guilty of the crimes and gave him the death sentence.

However, his attorney is trying to stop the execution by bringing up his intellectual disability and history of mental illness.

As the debate over mental illness and the death penalty continues, the case of Green remains a vital example of this complex subject.

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Gary Green Was Sentenced For Killing Lovetta Armstead And Daughter

According to a 2010 article in The Dallas Morning News, Armstead was assassinated soon after informing Green that she wanted to end their marriage.

On the day of the murders, Green got a note from Armstead asking him to depart their home. He replied that Armstead, her three children, and himself would all be “taken away” that day.

Gary Green Death Penalty
The victims of the Gary Green. (Source: dallas news)

In Green’s trial, Armstead’s sons, who were 9 and 12 at the time, reportedly claimed that their stepfather had forced them to look at the bodies of their murdered mother and sister. The newspaper reported this.

When Green picked up the younger sibling from church that day while holding them at knifepoint, the junior sibling was stabbed in the abdomen.

They claimed that they were effective by persuading Green not to kill them. The elder son testified that after showing them the bodies, Green told them he would kill himself and told them not to call the Police until after he was gone.

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