Holden Landry

Alligator hunting is a risky business. Especially in Louisiana, when the 30-day hunting period opens, every hunter gets ready with full mind back-up. Some are more successful than others. Holden Landry also holds the same passion for hunting.

Likewise, only those who involve in it passionately and live and thrive for the sport get success in their pursuit. The Landry family is not a new name in the hunting business. With five generations involving themselves in the same business, it is no wonder that their children also become the next big hunter like their ancestors.

Here, in this article, we will be exploring Landry’s early life, career, net worth, and personal life, all right here. So, stick with us until the end of the article.

Holden Landry Net Worth
Holden Landry

But first, some facts for you folks.

Holden Landry: Quick Facts

Full Name Holden Landry
Date of Birth November 10, 1997
Age 22 years old
Birthplace Louisiana
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Reality TV star
Marital Status Unmarried
Children None
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Sun Sign Scorpio
Father Guy Landry
Net worth $100k – $1 million
Primary Income Source Reality show
Cousins Jacob Landry, Chase Landry
Social Media Presence Null

Holden Landry Short Bio and Age

Holden Landry was born on November 10, 1997, in Louisiana. Also, Landry’s star sign is Scorpio. He is one of the celebrities in the series ‘Swamp People’. The series focuses on the day-to-day activities of the hunters living in the swamps of Louisiana hunting the alligators for their living.

As of 2019, Holden Landry is just 22 years old.

Holden, as well as Jay Paul Molinere, together kickstarted their career through the show. He is one of the youngest reality TV stars who are not only famous but rich as well.

Holden Landry Swamp People

Being the nephew of the great alligator hunter, Troy Landry, it is no doubt that he will also develop an interest in gator hunting. At such a young age, he has already achieved what many people would be afraid of doing. Appearing in the TV show ‘Swamp People,’ which broadcasts on History Channel, he has added more riches and has become a youth celebrity.

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Similarly, as the name suggests, the series is based on the people, or should we say the proud descendants of French Canadian refugees who settled in the swampy region of Louisiana. Since then, they have been earning a livelihood by hunting alligators of that region.

Also, the crew struggles to document the life of brave individuals who are trying to preserve their life, especially during the alligator-hunting season.

On the same note, Holden is brave, just like his father ‘Guy Landry’. He is not afraid to dive into the swamps daily in the process of hunting alligators. Usually, he works as a deckhand for his cousin Chase Landry.

However, when the workforce is insufficient, and there is a need for a bold, brave, and courageous individual, he does not step back. Landry always likes to have an adventure and does not want to back off.

 Net worth and Income

As he was born in the Landry family, Holden followed the paths of his elders since he was a child. Living most of his days in adventure, the young Landry became successful at a young age, and after starring in the show ‘Swamp People’, his fans started to increase more and more. The reality show also added more amount to his net worth.

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Although there is no accurate information on how much his salary is on the show per episode, it would be accurate to assume it is thousands. That makes Landry’s net worth around several hundred thousand. Some sources claim that his net worth is between $100k to $1 million. Any number between these would be approximately correct.

Personal Life- Married, Girlfriend, and Baby

Holden is a very hardworking person. His youth and enthusiasm certainly helped him to get success in life. As a young person, Landry is very motivated to make an excellent career and fulfill his passions. However, the 22-year-old likes keeping information regarding his privacy and doesn’t share much information in public.

Due to his charismatic personality, youthfulness, decent character, and success at a young age, it is no wonder that hundreds of girls are lining behind him and want to marry him.

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He is undoubtedly the crush of several girls. But who is the lucky one that has stolen this man’s heart? Sadly, his girlfriend or any information regarding his dating life or relationship status is unknown. However, we can hope that information will be available to us soon as the star decides to share more about him.

Holden Landry: Height, Tattoos, and Measurements

Holden Landry, the youngest star of the series, Swamp People, is 22 years old. Son of Guy Landry and cousin of Chase Landry, the guy is secretive about his life. On the same line, he has not revealed much of himself as well.

Likewise, Landry’s physical measurements, like his height and weight, are not made public. Despite that, Holden has got a muscular and toned body. One cannot survive the alligator season without a proper diet and a healthy body.

Also, the said guy has got blonde curls, while his eye color is hard to distinguish. But what we can see are his tattoos on his body. Though some are hard to pinpoint, Landry has inked ‘Famille’ meaning family, in big fonts on his left forearm.

Moreover, it seems Landry has a plethora of tattoos all over his other hand as well.

Some Facts about Holden Landry

  • He is the nephew of ‘King of the Swamp,’ Troy Landry.
  • His other cousins Chase and Brandon Landry also star on the show ‘Swamp People.’
  • Just like his cousin Chase, he also likes getting tattoos on his body.
  • He is one of the youngest alligator hunters in Louisiana.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  8,795 Followers

Twitter–  4,735 Followers

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