Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 review

Maybe George R R Martin and Tyrion Lannister should be drinking partners for life cause you know what? “Tyrion drinks and knows things, but George doesn’t!” Here’s a quick review of the most recent episodes of the most overrated series of all-time HBO’s drama series, Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5.

After all, the final season is at its end but not the climax that everyone hoped for! Jon Snow is not even the true heir to the throne, concluding the little fighter Arya Stark.

Varys’ Death

I think that Lord Varys knew it was unlikely that he would survive the attempt to overthrow Dany in favor of Jon. He also knew that ethically in his mind, has no choice but to try to do that anyway.

Game of Thrones
Lord Varys Death

Tyrion is saying goodbye to his best friend in the world outside of his brother. And the guilt he feels over being the cause of his best friend’s imminent death, it’s hard to get your head around!

Arya Stark And The Hound

It’s one of the most important scenes of the show as the two depart from each other from a very long bond.

arya and the hound

The director has perfect cinematography about telling the inter-relation of the two, the combination of their story together.

“Go Home Girl! And you’ll be dead too if you don’t get out of here.”

The roads to vengeance always end in one place; the hound tries to tell her nodding, that Arya Stark has many other options. Sandor Clegane, nicknamed The Hound, has much affection for Arya as much as he can love anyone else.

Cersei And Jamie

Cersei Lannister chooses violence. Targaryen choosing violence is a pretty dangerous thing.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5
Jamie and Cersei Lannisters are no more!

I think that they knew they belonged to each other. They came on this earth from the same mother and said goodbye with arms in each other, cuddling, as there’s no place to run and no place to hide.

And to meet his love the final time, he comes back to King’s Landing, breaking the vows of the Queen in Winterfell, taking all the pain after getting stabbed by Euron Greyjoy.

Well, finally, it was ‘the things we do for love,’ am I right?

Jon Snow

The bastard of Winterfall, Jon snow, is someone that Dany’s fallen in love with. As far as she is concerned, Jon’s betrayed her by telling people about his true identity and the fact he’s unable to return her affection at this point.

Game of Thrones Season 8
Jon Snow- the true heir to the throne.

Also, Dany says, ‘let this be fear‘ in a final romantic scene with Jon before the final battle. There she means resigning herself to the fact that she may have to get things done in a way that isn’t pleasant. And she may have to get things done that are way horrible.

“Jon is also a kind of denial. Soldier killing soldiers that’s what a war is.”

Jon always remained a good soldier who actually never triumph of being a soldier. Trained as a loyal boy in the Winterfell. It all starts out seeming it gonna work out, and it turns out to be a nightmare.

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‘Good people are doing bad and bad turns out to be good,’ as Jon sees through his eyes and learned that you could be maintained in every situation.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen‘s an incredibly strong person. She’s also someone who’s had really close friendships and close advisors for her entire run of the show.

Look at those people who’ve been closest to her for such a long time, and almost all of them either turn on her or died.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 review
Daenerys Targaryen is more fierce than ever.

She’s very much alone. That’s the dangerous thing for someone who’s got so much power to feel that isolated. So at the very time when she needs guidance and those kinds of close friendships and advice the most, everyone’s gone!

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 Review

When you look back to season 1 of Game of Thrones when Khal Drogo gives the Golden Crown to Vyserys and her reaction watching her brother’s head melted off.

And he’s a terrible brother, you know. So anyone out there when crying Vysereys die, but there’s something kind of chilling about the way Dany has responded to the death of her enemies.

And if circumstances have been different, I don’t think this side of Dany ever would come out if Cersei hadn’t betrayed her, if Cersei hadn’t executed Missandei, if Jon hadn’t told her truth. If all things had happened differently, then I don’t think we’d be seeing this side of Daenerys Targaryen.

And I don’t’ think she’d decided ahead of time that she was going to do what she did. And then she sees the Red Keep –the home her family built this country when they came over to this country 300 years ago.

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It’s in that moment, on the walls of Kings Landing, when she’s was looking at the symbol of everything that was taken from her when she makes the decision to make this personal.

Wanted her to be just death from above as seen from the perspective of people on the business and that dragon. In most large stories like this, that seems like there are tendencies to focus on the heroic figures and not pay much attention to the people who may be suffering the repercussions of these decisions made by heroic people.

We really want to keep our perspective and our sympathies on the ground at the moment cause those people who are really paying the price for the uncertain decision Dany made.

Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

So far, everyone’s gone! The affection of Jon towards Dany might’ve lost. And now most of them who are alive know the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Probably Jon Snow, aka Jon Targaryen, the true ruler of the seven kingdoms, will sit on the Iron Throne!


  1. GRRM has still not spoken about the truth. lets just hope everything settles down after the final episode

  2. Certainly GOT brought lots of surprises in the last season, not sure what Martin’s up to!

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