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Mad Queen Cersei Lannister and the ‘mother of dragons’ Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of a dragon instead) is all prepared at the King’s Landing for the final battle in the last season of Game of Thrones. The only question left is, ‘who will sit on the iron throne’?

Apparently, both Stark-Targaryen‘s army is half-dead & many walked away before taking the battle to the Red Keep. Meanwhile, the real born true King of the seven kingdoms, Jon Snow, forfeits his claim to the throne- ‘things we do for love.’

Many of you might be wondering who will sit on the Iron Throne in HBO‘s drama series season 8. Well, through many fandoms and as a close admirer of the show, we’ve gathered possible things that might happen during the final battle.

Dany Vs. Cersei | Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Who will sit on the iron throne?
Who will sit on the iron throne?

As some of you mightn’t have noticed, something peculiar about the show is that everything you’re going to see in the show’s future episodes is already hidden behind the words of the Game of Thrones cast.

While many assumed that Bran is the actual Night King, in one of the final season episodes, during a talk with Tyrion Lannister in Winterfell, the disabled Stark reveals that “it’s time to go’,” which logically terms to the death of Night King.

Who will sit on the iron throne
Jamie and Cersei romance in Game of Thrones.

Moving back to the time, the actual game- I mean, ‘game of thrones,’ literally begins because of the ultimate romance between two siblings.

Who will sit on the iron throne
Jon and Dany Romance GOT!

Eight years later, Game of Thrones is at the end while the overindulgence love of two family members is taken as the main ornaments, keeping aside the HBO’s hype over ‘Winter is Coming.’ The whole novel might be a never-ending loop!

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Be that as it may, in the recent episode, the most awaited scene, Dany and Cersei rendezvous happens ended but ends showing up the fierce how Cersei reinforced her army. In contrast, others fought the cold ‘Winter.’ Only fans are curious about is who will sit on the iron throne.

The Targaryen-Stark Power

military dany

For extradition, the hand of the (future) Queen, Cersei’s little Dwarf brother Tyrion tries to compromise over the throne in exchange for Mad Queen’s life.

Not so fast, as already in episode 4 of Game of Thrones, unexpectedly, one of Daenerys child gets shot down from the sky while marching to the King’s Landings by Euron Greyjoys fleet, with the accord of Golden Company.

The Lannister’s Power

lannister army

Take a deep breath and relax, as the biggest battle already began, after Grey Worm‘s girlfriend Missandei‘s head gets chopped off from the top of Kings Landing fence.

Until then, with ‘Drogon‘- the only dragon left of the ‘Queen of the Andals,’ Dany sets back from the Red Keep to march back with her cousin Jon for the final battle of Game of Thrones.

Looking at the battalion on Lannister’s side, in the final hour, Jamie Lannister also marches towards the King’s Landings from Winterfell, after breaking the virginity of knight Brienne of Tarth.

Who will sit on the iron throne
Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys most intelligent fighters for thrones.

Above all, Tyrion’s main game seems to be played, whose mind cannot be compared to any other cast in the show. Not to forget Lord Varys too!

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On the other hand, Arya– the hero of Winter, also tends to follow her death list, The Hound, traveling all the way to the King’s Landings to kill her final target, Cersei.

Arya’s elder sister steps aside from respecting the mother of dragons, as jealousy arouses soon after she knew that Jon is not stark, but a Targaryen, a true King to the realm!

Who will sit on the iron throne
Sansa and Arya Stark get to know the truth about Jon Snow Targaryen.

Nothing is for sure, as the overrated Night King had much Game of Thrones heartbroken after their expectation about the winter didn’t meet the reality!

You guys have your view shared about who will sit on the throne before the true heir to the throne is determined.


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