Next Game of Thrones Possible In 10 Years From Now?

After an unexpected ending that, of course, left many fans heartbroken, there might be the next Game of Thrones series in 10 years.

Now you’ve known that George R R Martin isn’t the type of writer you expect, you may think that this is the end of Game of Thrones.

new game of thrones
George RR Martin hints there might be the next Game of Thrones.

NO! Not really, cause you probably wouldn’t have noticed in the last episode; Martin truly hints about the next show, which will possibly be in 10 years from now and has a more powerful message than ever. Here’s how!

Reasons why there might be the next Game of Thrones series in the upcoming years

The TV artwork of A Song of Ice and Fire is over after a decade of worships, but Martin noted that he’s still hard at work on finishing the book series behind HBO’s adaptation.

The good news is that, after the end of Game of Thrones season 8, the report suggests that there might be the next Game of Thrones in the upcoming years. Sadly, we probably wouldn’t expect the series for the next decade.

Meanwhile, half of the fans are mad at the last season of Game of Thrones, while half of them filed a petition for the HBO drama series remake.

Game of Thrones – Season 8 Review

As the main character, including the survived new ‘Kings and Queens of House Stark’ and the Ned Stark‘s bastard himself has a heartfelt separation from the loved ones, there’s something peculiar about the show that suggests the next Game of Thrones series might be possible in a decade from now.

In a recent blog post by Martin, he said;

“Let me say this much — last night was an ending, but it was also a beginning.   Nobody is retiring any time soon.   David and Dan are going on to STAR WARS and other projects beyond that.   Amazon scooped up Bryan Cogman, and put him to work on developing shows of his own, as well as helping out on their big Tolkien project.   Our brilliant cast has scattered to the four winds, but you’ll be seeing a lot of them in the years to come, in all manner of television shows and movies.   Our directors are keeping busy as well.   I suspect that you have not seen the last of Westeros on your television sets either, but I guess that all depends on how some of these successor shows turn out.”

You’ve already known that it’s the virtual reality show, where Martin- the creator, the GOD of the show- I recall, the last episode’s rhetorical analysis clearly shows how he tries to clarify the relations between the “God & the people,” and  “living and the dead.”

In fact, George warns through his perfect writings to humanity how they don’t fear fighting death, just for the sake of either living or for thrones, which didn’t matter after all.

And as the watch of George himself is at its end, Martin questions, ‘Is there really life after death?‘ through the voice of Tyrion Lannister.

The show is not based on entertainment, not the hype that Starbucks fell into about a coffee cameo, and not the choice of what people desire.

next song of ice and Fire
Wars, Thrones, and Ashes, everything’s the same!

But it is indeed the counterpart of human civilization, all the wars that self desires and emotions lead into, conflicts that divisions of nations and army brought in this beautiful world, and the hunger of that again brings back the concept of ‘Survival of the Fittest.’

And as long as these things remain, ‘the division of Kings and Queens,’ ‘houses and bannermen, ‘power and forces,’ and of course ‘George R R Martin,’ there wouldn’t be the end of Game of Thrones.

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  1. Made my day! Hope to get an update on this, maybe its true one day Martin will finish his writing with a big surprise at the end!


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