Fans are curious to know who Yamil Yam Yam Arocho is. As for him, he is determined to be the Sole Survivor because he believes that all the stars have aligned for him and it’s time to show everyone his social game.

When the hurricane named Maria hit his hometown, Puerto Rico, Yamil Arocho explained in one of his interviews with the Survivors that he had no access to power for about 90 days, which seemed scary and intense.

Then, he had to lead the team, which consisted of more than twenty plus adults and even older adults.

He expressed that he was a ray of hope to the helpless people. He feels grateful to have them today as he would not be who he is today if it were not for them.

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Who Is Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho Of Survivor?

Yamil Arocho wishes to realize his lifetime ambition of playing the best game in the world.

He has also been a fan since the first episode when he was 13. Moreover, he wants to show the rest of the world that he has the physical and mental strength to achieve his goals and win the title and money.

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Details Of Yamil Arocho Age Revealed

As for Yamil Arocho’s respective age, he is currently 36 years old. To elaborate, Arocho was born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He currently resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

As for the profession, he has stated he is a Salon Owner.

Yam Yam
Yam Yam aspires to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing the best game in the world. He was a fan from the first episode when he was 13 years old. (Source: Survivor Wiki Fandom)

More of his personality one of the few accomplishments that he is mainly proof of is leading a team of incredible people but mostly following his mother’s footsteps.

Unfortunately, only her name is revealed, and that is Sandra. Other information about her whereabouts is yet to be announced in the media.

He is married to his beloved husband, with whom he enjoys life’s bittersweet moments.

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Does Yamil Arocho Have A Girlfriend?

By looking at his Instagram account, Yamil Arocho does not have a girlfriend. Instead, he has a husband but has not revealed anything about him.

We shall learn more about his personal life once he opens up in the upcoming interviews or through the show, Survivor 44.

Yam Yam
Here is the shot of the contestants wanting to fight in the series, Survivor 44. (Source: EOnline)

On the other hand, Yamil Arocho expressed that the previous player with which Arocho identifies is Cirie Fields.

He likes that she is lovable, caring, and fun. He also emphasized how she is super intelligent and mainly a strategy genius. He hopes to emulate her and win the show, Survivor 44.

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What Is Yamil Arocho Net Worth?

Unfortunately, no information about Yamil Arocho has been made public. It has yet to be computed.

Because he is making his series debut, we will learn more about what Yamil does professionally in upcoming interviews or through the show.

Likewise, Yamil is already receiving huge fans and followers through his social media. His handle name on his Instagram is @yamilpr. He has already accumulated 4734 followers along with 431 posts so far.

In the same manner, Yamil Arocho also has a Twitter account. To further elaborate, Yamil’s handle name is @itsyamilpr.

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