Gerd Janson

Fans are curious about Gerd Janson Wikipedia, as he is a renowned DJ. His upcoming event is on the 10th of February, 2023.

The “Gerd Janson x MVRIA x Ze Pedro Moura x NVNO is happening at Lux Fragil, Lisbon.

Gerd Janson, one of the most cherished Academy team members, is the quintessential DJ’s DJ, finding the jewels that get other music fans heated and passionate.

Mr. Janson seems to run on more powerful batteries than the rest of us because he is swamped and has a lot on his plate.

He’s at the helm of the long-running Liquid club night at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson with DJ comrade Thomas Hammann and dishes out simmering analog House as co-owner of the label Running Back.

Also, let’s not forget he has penned many stories for Germany’s Spex and Groove magazines and has a scholarship in American studies.

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How Old Is Gerd Janson? His Wikipedia And Age Revealed

Unfortunately, Gerd Janson’s exact age is yet to be revealed. By the looks of it, he appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

As for his wikipedia, Gerd doesn’t have an official page. Additionally, Janson co-owns the German label Running Back with Thorsten Scheu (aka Glance).

Likewise, Gerd Janson, like many other teenagers growing up in the early 1990s in Germany’s South West, was a regular at Mannheim’s famed Milk Club.

Gerd Janson Wikipedia
Heiko MSO and Ata nurtured Gerd Janson’s intense enthusiasm for house and disco music at Frankfurt’s Wild Pitch Club. (Source: Platinum List)

Although this club was best known for placing jungle on the map in Germany, Gerd always looked forward to the early morning hours when the pace eased, and the US-styled House reigned supreme.

In addition, in the years that followed, Heiko MSO and Ata nurtured his intense enthusiasm for House and disco music at Frankfurt’s Wild Pitch Club.

Gerd Janson held his first DJ residency at Darmstadt’s CafĂ© Kesselhaus in 1998.

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Details Of Gerd Janson Family Revealed

It appears that due to privacy reasons, Gerd Janson has not yet revealed anything regarding his family members.

They prefer to stay lowkey at the moment, which is understandable.

On the other hand, Mr. Janson has been serving the latest House and disco tracks at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson for the past few years.

He has also co-hosted the Liquid club evenings with DJ heavyweight Thomas Hammann.

Similarly, Gerd Janson is undoubtedly one of the most exciting DJs on the German scene. Because the word has spread, he travels extensively as a DJ.

When he’s not spinning records, he’s a prolific music Journalist for Groove magazine.

He is also busy working at the Pentagon Recordstore in his hometown Darmstadt and as a member of the Red Bull Music Academy staff.

The DJ has recently been performing horrible remixes for groups such as Antena and DJ Designer Imposter and releasing a compilation of bizarre 80ies songs with Jazzanova on Sonar Kollektiv.

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What Is Gerd Janson Net Worth?

Unfortunately, the media still needs to reveal Gerd Janson’s net worth. The professionals are yet to calculate it.

By the looks of it, he lives a comfortable life and may amass over several thousand dollars. 

Gerd Janson Wikipedia
Gerd Janson performs Boiler Room x Sugar Mountain 2018 DJ Set at the event. (Source: Youtube)

The musician also may have amassed various brand endorsement deals, primarily related to his field, which benefits him and his income.

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