Having gained worldwide fame as an ATEEZ vocalist, searches about Wooyoung Girlfriend are nothing new. Unfortunately, the K-pop sensation has kept his love life a secret.

Although K-pop’s origin dates back to several decades, the modern K-pop culture only started in the 1990s. From Kangta, G.O.D., Shinee, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, and Wonder Girls to BTS, BLACKPINK, Got7, Red Velvet, Twice, and more, there have been hundreds of idol group appearances.

Each K-pop group has its unique concepts, and somewhere down the lane, they change their music styles and create new concepts. Speaking of which, KQ Entertainment’s ATEEZ is known for creating unique storylines, which they continue in their follow-up albums.

Dubbed Global Performance Idols and 4th Generation Leaders, ATEEZ has a global fanbase that is ever-increasing. While each of its eight members has contributed to the group’s success, it is no exaggeration to say Wooyoung’s presence is immeasurable.

Known for his sexy charisma, the artist is in charge of the performance, and his positions are main dancer, vocalist, and visual. He is often in charge of the chorus or pre-chorus in the group’s songs.

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Wooyoung Girlfriend: Is The ATEEZ Member Dating Anyone?

When searching about their favorite artist, the first thing majority of fans search for is if their idols are dating anyone. Same in Wooyoung’s case, ATINYs are curious to learn if he has found his special person.

Sorry ATINYs, the handsome guy has yet to reveal his dating status to everyone. It is uncertain whether he is in a secret relationship with someone. As K-pop idols primarily keep their love affairs out of the public’s eye, it will not be surprising if Wooyoung does the same.

Till the official confirmation comes, Wooyoung’s girlfriend doesn’t exist. Hence, fans must wait a little longer to learn about their favorite idol’s love life.

Wooyoung Girlfriend
Wooyoung’s Girlfriend Has Not Been Mentioned Yet (Source: KingChoice)

However, the shipping culture in K-pop is nothing new, and Wooyoung has been shipped with several of his teammates. For instance, some ship him with his member San.

As both guys are closest and go by “WooSan,” many assume they are dating behind the scenes. But, again, these are just fan-made assumptions and not verified.

Wooyoung Is The Loving Brother Of Two – Family Details

ATEEZ’s main dancer has a lovable personality and is a family guy through and through. He is one of the three children of his parents.

The K-pop idol was born Jung Woo Young on November 26, 1999, in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. It has been reported that Wooyoung has an older and a younger brother. He has often mentioned his younger sibling in his V lives.

Although Wooyoung’s parents’ details are not much, he doesn’t shy away from talking about them during his interviews. Not just that, he is even close with his members’ parents and often calls them.

Wooyoung Family
Wooyoung Has Two Siblings Whom He Loves A Lot (Source: KpopMap)

Likewise, talking about the ATEEZ vocalist’s career beginnings, he was into performing from early. He often performed on school stages before becoming a contestant in MIXNINE. 

Furthermore, the artist was initially a trainee under BigHit, home of international sensations BTS. However, it has been reported that he left the company to join his member Kang Yeo-sang at KQ Entertainment. Both friends trained and struggled together before ultimately making their debut as ATEEZ.

To conclude, Wooyoung’s journey till now is a testament to his hard work, determination, and struggles. Although he faced many obstacles on the way, his passion for music led him to debut with ATEEZ, which is slowly becoming a global phenomenon.

Wishing Wooyoung and the remaining ATEEZ members a bright future ahead.

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