Nanon Korapat sister

Nanon Korapat Kirdpan is a rising Thai Actor and model. Learn about his background and family, including details on Nanon Korapat sister, in our in-depth profile.

Korapat Kirdpan, aka Nanon Korapat, is a Thai Actor and model best known for his role as the character Pran in the famous Thai BL Drama series “Bad Buddy.”

Nanon began his career as a model before transitioning to acting and has gained a large following of fans drawn to his charming personality and good looks.

Aside from his acting career, Nanon is also known for his skills as a dancer and has performed in various dance showcases and competitions.

And alongside his professional feats, people are drawn towards exploring details of Korapat Kirdpan, aka Nanon Korapat’s sister & his family background.

So here, explore details on the trending headlines of Nanon Korapat’s sister, Pitchaporn Kirdpan & introduction of his parents.

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Meet Nanon Korapat Sister Pitchaporn Kirdpan

Pitchaporn Kirdpan is the younger sister of Thai Actor and model Nanon Korapat.

Unfortunately, details on Nanon Korapat’s sister & her personal life are unknown, as she prefers to keep a low profile on social media and in the public eye.

However, the outstanding lady has been seen accompanying her brother to various events and on his social media posts.

Despite her anonymity, Pitchaporn is known for strikingly resembling her brother, who shares many similar facial features.

Nanon Korapat sister
Nanon Korapat’s Sister. (Source: Pinterest)

She is also said to be very supportive of her brother’s career in the entertainment industry, often cheering him on from the sidelines and attending his events and performances.

While Pitchaporn herself is not currently pursuing a career in show business, it’s clear that she and her brother have a close bond and share a love for the arts.

Fans of Nanon Korapat often express their admiration for the siblings’ relationship, with many noting how sweet it is to see them support each other in their respective endeavors.

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Family Background Of Thai Superstar Nanon Korapat

Nanon Korapat is a rising Thai Actor and model who has quickly gained popularity for his acting skills and charming personality.

Born on December 18, 2000, in Bangkok, Thailand, Nanon comes from a middle-class family with a mixed ethnic background.

Nanon’s Father is of Thai-Chinese descent, while his mother is of Thai-Burmese ancestry.

He has one younger sister who is currently studying in high school. Korapat grew up in a supportive and loving family environment.

The Actor’s interest in acting began at a young age, and he had his first acting experience in a school play.

Nanon Korapat
Nanon Korapat’s Family. (Source: Pinterest)

He then began participating in various Drama competitions and eventually landed his first professional acting role in Hormones 2 in 2014.

Afterward, Nanon’s acting career began & the outstanding Thai superstar never looked back. Despite his young age, Nanon has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

He has appeared in several popular Thai dramas, including “The Gifted,” “Hormones 3,” and “Vice Versa.” He has also modeled for various fashion brands and featured in several magazines.

The Actor’s parents have always supported him, providing him the love and encouragement he needs to pursue his dreams.

Nanon Korapat’s family background reflects the diversity of Thai society, and he has become a role model for many young people in Thailand.

Net Worth Of Nanon Korapat

As of 2023, Nanon Korapat’s net worth is not publicly known, but the Actor’s net worth is expected to hike.

However, he is considered one of the rising stars in the Thai entertainment industry, and his popularity has steadily increased in recent years.

Korapat has appeared in several popular Thai dramas and modeled for various fashion brands.

Nanon Korapat sister
Thai Superstar Nanon Korapath. (Source: GMA Network)

Although the exact figures are unavailable, Nanon has likely earned considerable wealth from his acting and modeling career.

Regardless of his net worth, Nanon’s talent and hard work have made him a well-respected and beloved figure in the Thai entertainment industry.

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