David Ozora news and case

David Ozora news and information have been searched because of the heat of persecution case. 

Ozora is the abused victim and receives medical and psychological assistance. Recently, he came into the spotlight for the reconstruction of a persecution case. 

Although he can speak his native language fluently, he needs help communicating in English.

However, Ozora isn’t famous outside his nation and has maintained a low profile internationally. 

The concerned authorities, including the Police, held cases against the Abuse of David Ozora on Thursday, 9 March 2023.

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Meet David Ozora: What Happened To Him?

According to the Witness and Victim Protection Agency, the LPSK received three applications for protection filed by three parties in relation to the abuse case against David Ozora.

David Ozora news
David Ozora’s case builds up heat. (Source: VOI)

Mario Dandy Satriyo committed the abuse to the victim David Ozora Latumahina.

Deputy Chairperson of LPSK Edwin Partogi Pasaribu included the conflicted three parties.

First, he gathered AG, Mario Dandy’s girlfriend. She is a child in conflict with the law.  The AG submitted the application on 1 March 2023.

LPSK deputy chairman Edwin Partogi Pasaribu said to reporters on Wednesday, 8 March 2023:

We have met an received an application from AG. Also, we are deeply studying the information from investigators. 

However, we have not reached to a decision yet because the review process has not been completed. When AG submitted the application, it was not mentioned as a child in conflict with the law.

According to the deputy chairman, LPSK was still studying Mario Dandy’s girlfriend AG’s request. The study could bring a leadership meeting to give a verdict on whether to approve or reject his defense application.

Two other witnesses have submitted the petition. As we cannot name them publicly, we are referring to them as N and R.

Both witnesses were the wife and husband who aided David Ozora and tried to stop Mario Dandy’s action against him.

N and R knew David and the married couple were his good friends. The deputy chairman said that N and R were the ones who filed an application on 3 March.

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David Ozora Latest Update

Deputy chairman Edwin is the only one who is releasing David Ozora’s case update to the public. He said that his team would soon release and decide on the request filed by the three parties AG, N, and R, in the coming days.

Ozora’s case was raised in the LPSK leadership meeting regarding the procedural rights of assistants. The case went on a legal process from the investigation to the court. Edwin says:

Sorry to say but the process is under review. We are cross-checking the statements of N and R as well. Also, we followed the information with investigators to know what it was like.

Maybe in the coming days, requests from AG, N and R will be jointly conclude by the LPSK leadership.

So far, the LPSK leadership meeting has granted David Ozora’s request because he was the primary victim of the conflict.

Moreover, Ozora is receiving medical and psychological help, and his case is ready to present to the court.

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