Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend

Amie Harwick’s friend talks about Amie Harwick Ex boyfriend, who was possessive. Amie Harwick has become the search of the internet. Let’s learn about her murder and her ex-boyfriend.

Amie Harwick, sometimes known as Amie Nicole Harwick, was born on May 20, 1981. She was an intimate writer as well as a marriage counselor.

Harwick was a playboy model before she was a writer. She used to dance in clubs and pubs to pay for her postsecondary education.

The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality is not accredited, yet Harwick studied psychology there and received a Ph.D. Before her tragic passing, she earned many degrees and showed a strong interest in education.

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Who Is Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse

In the 2010s, Gareth, a software engineer and aspiring comedian, dated Amie briefly.

According to Amie Harwick’s friend Maricela “Marcy” Mendoza and a story by Fox News, the late family therapist was in a bad relationship with her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse and was terrified of ending it.

Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend
Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend, Gareth pursehouse (Source: People)

Gareth Pursehouse, Amie Harwick’s ex-boyfriend, is the main suspect in her murder. Harwick has already sought restraining orders twice against Pursehouse, a former partner.

Following her discovery clinging to life beneath the bedroom balcony of her Hollywood Hills condominium, Amie Harwick passed away from her wounds three years ago.

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Where Is Gareth Pursehouse Now?

Hours after Amie’s passing, authorities detained Pursehouse to bring justice for the adored Harwick.

Currently serving a jail sentence while facing murder and first-degree burglary allegations, Gareth Pursehouse is jailed.

Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend
Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend, Gareth accuse of murder (Sportskeeda)

In September 2021, Gareth Pursehouse appeared in court for a preliminary hearing. He was present at Amie’s home the night of the murder, according to DNA evidence given by the prosecution.

They estimated there was a one in one septillion chance that the DNA taken from Amie’s residence belonged to someone else.

However, the judge ordered his release on a $2 million bail bond. The investigation team was unable to gather enough information to convict him.

Additionally, the date of Pursehouse’s preliminary hearing was postponed numerous times. He had his initial hearing in June 2020. The date of his most recent hearing is February 28, 2023.

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Charges and Arrests Of Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend

Pursehouse, according to the prosecution, was “obsessed” with Harwick.

He faces one count of murder and one count of first-degree domestic burglary, in addition to the particular circumstance accusation of lying in wait, which carries a potential death sentence.

Amie Harwick Ex Boyfriend
Amie Harwick and her Fiance Drew (Source: Yahoo)

DNA evidence connected Pursehouse to the assault and was discovered on a French door in her living room and under her fingernails.

In addition, officials re-arrested Pursehouse on April 16, 2020, when he did not enter a guilty plea.

Additionally, a fatal poison, nicotine, was discovered in a syringe by the Police on Amie’s balcony. According to the prosecution, the syringe proved that Gareth planned to kill Amie.

But according to Gareth’s lawyer, “She wasn’t killed by a syringe; Amie was killed by fall. Given his size advantage over her, he could have done so in under a minute or two if he had intended to kill her.

Pursehouse has not entered a plea of innocence as of 2023. His next court appearance is on February 28. The trial is still underway in Los Angeles.

We can only imagine how terrible it must have been for her family to learn of Amie’s passing. We are hopeful that she will soon receive justice.

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