Carl Martin Eggesbø

Carl Martin Eggesbø is an actor from Norway. He is a young talent and has been featured in movies since he was 11.

Martin is one of the most successful TV actors in this industry. He has made for himself in the industry through hard work and passion.

Narvik star Carl did very well in his school and with the faculty. He participated in different extracurricular activities. He has not shared the names of the schools he studied at. 

Carl, one of the young talents in the acting industry, made his breakthrough within Norway hit SKAM. He played the role of Eskild while still attending the National Academy of Arts in Oslo.

Skam’s Eskild role player Carl, made his name in the industry after the series got hit and made a name in the industry.

In 2019, Martin graduated from the National Academy of Arts while working as an actor in film and stage.

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Who Is Carl Martin Eggesbø? Age Revealed

Carl Martin is a famous actor from Norway, born on August 19, 1995. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts in 2019. As of 2024, he is 28 years old.

Eggesbø, born in Norway, comes from a reputed household. However, there are no details about his family, as he loves to keep his personal life private.

He avoids them in interviews as he wants to keep his family away from the spotlight and paparazzi.

Carl Martin Eggesbø
Carl Martin Eggesbø has a fun time in Oslo, Norway. (Source: Instagram)

SKAM star Carl debuted in the acting industry in 2006. He has appeared in over 11 films and series.

Martin is famous for his work in “Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat” in 2022, where he played the role of Korporal Gunnar Tofte. 

The korporal role actor is White by ethnicity and follows the Christianity religion.

He has worked on many movies and series, of which his hit movies/series are Narvik and SKAM.

At only the age of 28 years old, he gained fame and made a name for himself in industry.

Martin has cemented his name among famous celebrities by working hard.

Does Narvik Actor Carl Martin Eggesbø Have a Wife?

Carl is a young talent famous for his acting career, made a name for himself. Many people want to know about his relationships and whether he is married.

As a celebrity, people expect Carl to have a love affair. But in his case, he is single and is not in a relationship with anyone as of 2024. 

Talking about Carl Martin Eggesbø’s wife, there are no details or information about him getting married.

Carl Martin Eggesbø
Carl Martin Eggesbø in Berlin having a good time. (Source: Instagram)

When celebrities are single and seen with other actors/actresses in public, they are often described or labeled as “dating.” 

Talking about Carl, he has had one relationship in the past, but there is no specific name with whom he was in love.

Eggesbø is a man who loves to keep his love life private, due to which there is no information about his relationships.

Despite not having the information, we cannot say he is single and not dating anyone.

Net Worth Of Carl Martin Eggesbø 

Martin, a famous actor from Norway, gained much prominence for his role in Narvik.

Carl’s primary source of income is his acting career. He also has some secondary sources of income. 

Carl Martin Eggesbø
Carl Martin Eggesbø is shooting a video for Narvik Movie. (Source: Instagram)

He has a net worth estimated to be around 1-5 million dollars as of 2024.

Carl’s secondary income source is his unique appearance, sponsorship and advertising.

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