Andrew Humphrey Leaving

People invested in weather reports are curious about Andrew Humphrey’s Leave. The famous meteorologist’s leaving WDIV news is trending on the Internet. What Happened To Andrew Humphrey? Let’s investigate.

Experienced meteorologist Andrew Humphrey, 51, worked at WDIV-TV station hosting weather forecast reports. 

Humphrey started his career at WDIV twenty years before. He worked for the station for at least 20 years before announcing his leave. 

His departure saddened a lot of regular news followers. Yes, you heard it right; Humphrey now seeks to explore new possibilities outside WDIV. 

According to a few sources, Andrew Humphrey’s net worth is between $1 to $5 Million. Many young Journalists who just started can only dream of the senior’s massive career and fortune.  

We are driving our attention back to his departure news. Could Humphrey explore new possibilities, and will he succeed in other professions? 

Moreover, Humphrey’s departure has been searched by his followers, as the topic is trending on the web. 

Also, the senior meteorologist openly talks regarding this matter. So, we will reveal his leaving news, and we will be unfolding his upcoming projects. 

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What Happened To Andrew Humphrey?

Former WDIV meteorologist Andrew Humphrey announced his departure news on Tuesday, 17 January 2023. The senior Journalist said goodbye to Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV almost after twenty years. 

Andrew Humphrey News
Former WDIV meteorologist Andrew Humphrey presented his last report on Tuesday, 17 January this year. (Source: Fox 13 Memphis)

Humphrey shot his last air day in WDIV on Tuesday. The longtime channel’s meteorologist departed after working 20 years in the field.

He will be signing off from his legal contracts with the channel. Then, Humphrey can join other stations if he sticks to his current career. 

Perhaps, Humphrey wants to seek new opportunities after remaining loyal to the station for many years.

Andrew may continue his meteorology career on other stations, but he hasn’t confirmed the fact himself. Moreover, the senior meteorologist hasn’t confirmed his new destination. 

Glancing at his history, Humphrey’s special delivery may catch many channels’ eyes. 

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Where Is Andrew Humphrey Going After Leaving WDIV?

Yes, famous WDIV meteorologist Andrew Humphrey left the Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV after working for twenty years. His sudden departure confused followers, but the man sought to explore new opportunities outside the station. 

Andrew Humphrey Leaving News
Famous meteorologist Andrew Humphrey’s Leaving News shocked his followers. (Source: YouTube)

The fact could be true that many other news TV channels are eyeing the experienced meteorologist Andrew Humphrey. Also, his departure news is noticed by many WDIV regular followers and other news watchers in general.

However, Humphrey has nothing to reveal about his new journey and contract. Also, it isn’t easy to assume exactly where the meteorologist will head. 

As mentioned earlier, according to Channel 4, Humphrey left the station seeking new opportunities. Perhaps, the meteorologist is ready to explore other career options as well. 

The experienced WDIV meteorologist has become one of the loved presenters. So, only big-name channels could afford him if he wanted to continue his old career. 

Or, the Dortmund midfielder may remain in his current club and play in Bundesliga. However, his contract extension with Dortmund seems highly unlikely, seeing his current transfer market value. 

It could be possible that we might see our beloved presenter and meteorologist on other stations in the coming days.

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