Mario Lopez Health Update

The topic of Mario Lopez’s Illness awakened people worldwide who kept the television host dear to their hearts. What Is Wrong With Mario Lopez? Lopez’s fans wanted to know the way Lopez healed his illness. 

Famous American TV host Mario Lopez also has acted in film and television. He gained the public’s attention for hosting seasons 2 and 3 of the American version of The X Factor.

Also, Lopez has worked with the famous Khloé Kardashian. He co-hosted Season 2 of the show with the star. Seeing his talent and popularity, Lopez solo hosted the third season of The X Factor. 

Now, shifting our attention to Lopez’s illness. Be with us as we unfold the host’s illness story and his health diagnosis. 

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What Is Wrong With Mario Lopez?

Famous X-factor host Mario Lopez suffered from a mysterious illness as a child. The former host revealed that his abdomen wasn’t fully grown as a baby, and the condition was very severe at the time. 

Mario Lopez sickness
Mario Lopez’s sickness as a child. (Source: The Boston Globe)

Lopez called back and said his childhood was tough for him and his parents because of his rare condition. He was born eight-and-a-half pounds.

As mentioned earlier, his stomach wasn’t fully grown. Hence, Lopez couldn’t hold anything inside as his stomach never digested the food properly. In the process, he lost four pounds. 

Moreover, Lopez revealed his encounter with a Mexican Witch Doctor, commonly known as Bruja. The modern show host owes his life to Bruja, as his Father took him to her as a child. He believes that the curandera or Bruja brought him back from death. 

The famous television host confirmed his diagnosis to the public, saying:

As I was Kid, She (refering to bruja) had my dad mix an Ancient medicinal thing into Carnation Milk and let me drink it. I Drank The Whole Thing ANd Trust Me I started getting better.

That is why Lopez believes in alternative treatment power and believes in Bruja healing. Perhaps, he also has trust in Western medicine. Since a bruja saved his life as a child, he could never doubt the healing process. 

It could be true that the host acknowledges Bruja’s healing power to treat a certain illness.

Lopez’s story could give credit to alternative healers as he finds a happy life today. 

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Mario Lopez’s Illness And Health Diagnosis

Famous television host Mario Lopez’s illness was rare. The former X Factor host seemed to have a genetic disorder as the sickness caused his stomach not to grow in full form as a child. 

Hence, Lopez lost at least half his body weight, and his stomach couldn’t hold anything in.

His condition was so dire that his Father met a Catholic priest. The priest suggested his Father give him his last rights in case anything went sideways.

However, Lopez’s Father denied the suggestion and refused to let his son die. Shockingly, his dad kidnapped him from the hospital, refusing to rely on Western medicine, which wasn’t improving him. He took Lopez to a Mexican bruja in Ensenada.

Similar to Lopez, his Father believes and credits Bruja. She had previously healed his leg injury, as Western medicine failed to treat his injury.

Frankly speaking, his childhood experience may have led him to believe in alternative medicine. Perhaps, Lopez recalls a good bond with his childhood healer and witch doctor. The host still credits her for speeding his recovery.

Currently, Lopez seems fine and healthy. His childhood sickness hasn’t affected his current health, which is always a good sign for his fans.

Mario Lopez Sick
Mario Lopez was sick as a child. (Source: The Hollywood Report)

According to many modern Western societies and myth busters, witchcraft healing and Bruja are viewed as dangerous procedures. Yet Lopez credits Bruja based on his personal healing experience. 

But in recent years, curanderas practices have gained a little attention, going mainstream. Host Mario and other Latinos trust curanderas and embrace their ancient wisdom practices. 

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