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Vladlen Tatarsky Assassination: An explosion in a cafe in St. Petersburg on April 2, 2023, occurred during a speech by a Russian military blogger and propagandist at a café in Saint Petersburg.

As a consequence, Vladlen Tatarsky himself died, and more than 40 of those present were injured.

On April 3, 2023, at 11:05 am, the RBC news agency reported the arrest of Daria Trepova, who, according to investigators, gave Tatarsky a figurine with an explosive.

Vladlen Tatarsky Assassination

The explosion killed Vladlen Tatarsky, and 42 people were injured, including three minors. 24 victims were immediately rushed to nearby hospitals, and three are still in serious condition.

Video footage of Vladlen Tatarsky Assassination shows that a fiery flash first appears inside the building, after which a shock wave in the institution knocks out the glass in the windows, and facade glazing also falls.

Until 2022, Street Food Bar No. 1 worked at this place, but later the bar was renamed Patriot. Both establishments belonged to Evgeny Prigozhin.

On weekends, members of the “Cyber ​​Front Z” movement, called “troll factory 2.0” in the media, gathered here. At other times, except for Cyberfront events, the bar did not open.

Darya Trepova
Darya Trepova, suspect behind Vladlen Tatarsky assassination (Source: ABC)

On April 4, Trepova, charged by the Investigative Committee under articles on terrorist attack and illegal trafficking in explosives, was taken into custody for two months, until June 2.

Trepova’s husband, Dmitry Rylov, in a conversation with The Insider, said that “Daria needed to give a gift.”

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Vladlen Tatarsky Wife: Was Russian Military Blogger Married? 

The funeral of the military commander Vladlen Tatarsky (real name: Maxim Fomin) was held at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow, Russia.

A day after Vladlen Tatarsky assassination, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded him the “Order of Courage.” 

Earlier, a video appeared on the Internet, in which a tall woman, accompanied by machine gun guards, is heading towards Tatarsky’s coffin, standing under a black canopy, which likely was his wife, Fomina.

Vladlen preferred not to talk about his private life, but the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” posted that the blogger’s first marriage was to a woman named Marina, and she has a son, Daniel (born in 2004), with her.

Funeral of Russian Military Blogger Vladlen Tatarsky (Source: UPI)

Reportedly, Tatarsky divorced his first wife and later married for the second time to Ksenia. After the wedding, she took the name Fomina.

On his VKontakte page, Vladlen sparingly reported his marital status with the status of “in love.”

It is specified that at the ceremony, all relatives of the deceased military correspondent and several high-ranking officials were with guards. 

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Meet Vladlen Tatarsky Family 

Vladlen Tatarsky (real name: Maxim Fomin) was born on April 25, 1982, in Makiivka, Donetsk region, into a family of miners where both his Father and grandfather worked in the mining industry.

His maternal ancestry could be traced back to the Tatar ethnic group, with his mother being identified as Ravil Ibragimova.

According to the military correspondent, his Father, Yuri Fomin, was a Russian patriot and, even in those years, predicted a civil war:

The boy’s childhood was the same as many of his peers. He studied at school number 93.

After graduating from school in 1999, he followed in the footsteps of his Father and grandfather – he got a job in a mine industry.

Vladlen Tatarsky Assassination
Addressing Russian Military Blogger Vladlen Tatarsky assassination (Source: CNN)

A few years later, Fomin took up entrepreneurial activities: renting space at the local market and selling furniture.

He had taken loans from several providers, and after his business went bankrupt, he opted to rob a bank with some of his friends, but he was caught and arrested by law enforcement.

Vladlen was sentenced to prison for seven years but didn’t even serve half of it, instead joining the Vostok battalion of the Russian Army.

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