Todd Sheffler

People are eager to know more about Todd Sheffler, a 54-year-old former Lieutenant who is sentenced for Larry Earvin’s death.

In May 2018, a man named Larry Earvin was beaten up and died in prison. A former prison officer named Todd Sheffler was involved in the attack and lied about it when questioned by the police.

He was found guilty of many charges, including breaking the rules and trying to cover up what happened. Two other officers were also involved and found guilty. The three officers beat Earvin and hurt him badly, leading to his death.

They threw him into a wall, kicked, punched, and stomped on him. The officers were charged with crimes like breaking the rules, lying, and misleading.

Sheffler and one of the officers were sentenced to 20 years, while the third officer will be sentenced soon. The case shows that those in charge of keeping people safe and treating them reasonably must do their jobs properly and face the consequences if they don’t.

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Background & details of the Larry Earvin beating incident

Larry Earvin was a 65-year-old man who was in jail. On May 17, 2018, he was taken to a special jail area where three officers beat him up badly. They hurt him so much that he had to go to the hospital, and later he died because of his injuries.

Sheffler, Banta, and Hedden were the officers who beat him up. Sheffler was the boss of the other officers. They hit and kicked Earvin many times, and no one was there to stop them.

Todd Sheffler
Larry Earvin was beaten by three officers in jail, leading to his death. (Source: Kstp)

When Sheffler went to court, he was found guilty of doing bad things. He lied and tried to hide what had happened, making things worse. His punishment was to go to jail for 20 years, which is a long time. The other officers were also punished for what they did.

It’s important for people who work in jails to treat prisoners with respect and not hurt them. What happened to Larry Earvin was very sad and shouldn’t happen to anyone.

Charges and conviction of former corrections officer Todd Sheffler

Todd Sheffler used to work in prison and was charged with doing something very bad. He, along with two other officers, hurt an old man who was in their care.

They hit and kicked him until he died. Sheffler was found guilty of breaking the law five times, including two times for taking away the man’s rights and trying to hide what they did.

Sheffler’s lawyers wanted him to go to jail for only 2.5 years, but the government wanted him to go to jail for the rest of his life. The judge decided to send Sheffler to jail for 20 years, a very long time.

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Sentencing of Todd Sheffler & his emotional statement in court

Todd Sheffler was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for being involved in the beating and attempted cover-up of Larry Earvin’s death. His lawyers wanted a shorter sentence of 2.5 years, but the government asked for a life sentence.

Todd Sheffler
Todd Sheffler gets 20 years for his role in the death of Larry Earvin. Lawyers asked for 2.5 years. (Source: Muddyrivernews)

During the hearing, Sheffler apologized to Earvin’s family and said he was sorry for what he did. He admitted that he was wrong and caused harm to Earvin and his family.

Sheffler also talked about his personal struggles, including addiction and mental health issues, and regretted not seeking help earlier.

The judge listened to what Sheffler had to say but said that his actions were very serious and caused a lot of harm to Earvin and his family.

Sheffler was held responsible for his actions and will be punished for violating the civil rights of a prisoner in his care.

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