Rasheem Carter Mom

Tiffany Carter is the mother of Rasheem Carter, who disappeared in early October 2022 near Taylorsville, Mississippi.

On a hot and muggy afternoon, a large group of relatives and friends gathered inside Locust Grove Baptist Church to honor the life and legacy of a young man who profoundly influenced many people throughout his brief existence.

Although they shared happy, thoughtful, and sometimes even humorous recollections of the 25-year-old, the underlying circumstances of Rasheem Rayelle Carter’s death, those who may be guilty were at the forefront in those who gathered to honor his life on February 25.

It was evident that this man was not an ordinary person since he had a great deal of love, and even the Police were going to be there for him.

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Who Is Tiffany Carter?

Tiffany Carter is the mother of Rasheem Carter, who went missing in early October 2022 in Taylorsville, Mississippi.

The family of a guy who was found dead in Mississippi after alerting his mother that he was being pursued by white men yelling racist slurs demanded a federal investigation on Monday after local investigators said they had “no grounds” to suspect foul play in the man’s murder.

Tiffany Carter
Tiffany Carter with her son (Source- Yahoo)

After requesting help from the Police and frantically telling his mother that three white trucks were pursuing him, Rasheem Carter, 25, went missing on October 2. On that day, Carter’s family received his final communication.

The local government was criticized on Monday by Carter’s family and attorney Ben Crump, who claimed they believed Carter was the victim of a terrible hate crime and that they had been denied access to the government for more than four months.

Rasheem Carter Mom And Dad Mourn His Death

Family members and pupils brushed away their tears as emotions ran high throughout the funeral.

One of the condolences and resolutions read was from Rasheem’s class of 2015 at Jefferson County High School. They dressed red and white to honor their murdered sibling.

Kayla Carpenter, Rasheem’s friend and classmate, described him as a trustworthy and submissive classmate and claimed that he was the one who kept them all together.

She asserted that he was the first of their contemporaries to die. The class of 2015 created the “Rasheem R. Carter, Greatest of All Time Memorial Scholarship Fund” in his honor, which will be granted to a high school senior who aspires to launch their own business.

After the ceremony, Student Captain Oliver gave Ms. Carter a message from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Who is Rasheem Carter?

Mr. Carter was born October 28, 1996, to Tiffany Carter and Robert Frye Jr., raised in Harriston, Mississippi, and a 2015 Jefferson County High School graduate.

He played football and baseball and had a passion for music. Rasheem was also an entrepreneur who opened a seafood restaurant called Callie’s Express in Fayette.

Rasheem Carter Daughter
Rasheem with his Daughter (Source- NBC News)

At the time of his death, Mr. Carter was working to reopen the restaurant and aspired to open several more in Mississippi and other states.

Mr. Carter is survived by his daughter Cali Ryelle Carter; his mom, Tiffany Carter; brother Christopher Carter; his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and many family and friends.

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