Thomas Voss and Julie Agnete Vang

Born on May 1, 1984, in Denmark, Julie Agnete Vang is an Actress recognized for her performances in Borgen (2010) and When the Dust Settles (2020).

From Julie Agnete Vang Husband, Thomas Voss, to their daughter, Eva, everything about their personal life and professional life will be discussed in this article.

While many of you might know that they are a married celebrity couple, only a few know that they have been married twice and plan on renewing their vows every few years.

Julie has been in the Danish Show-Biz for over a decade, with her debut TV Series “Live fra Bremen” released in early 2009.

However, her appearance on “Forbydelsen” captivated people with her charismatic acting and compelling performances in theatres and films.

Who Is Thomas Voss? Meet Julie Agnete Vang Husband 

Thomas Voss, who graduated from the Statens Teaterskole in 2004, has had the lead role in the comedy “Julerokosten” and has appeared in films such as “Flammen & Citronen” and “Blå mænd.”

He was married to cake celebrity and baking competition winner Anne Mette Voss for eight and a half years. 

Since 2013, he has formed a couple with fellow Actor Julie Agnete Vang Christensen, whom he married at the town hall in 2017.

Julie Agnete Vang Husband
Meet Julie Agnete Vang Husband Thomas Voss, a Danish Actor (Source: SE)

The Danish Actor has appeared in 13 movies, including “The Powder Keg” and “Thunder Shield & Cold,” two of the latest ones.

Additionally, Julie Agnete Vang Husband, Thomas Voss, has multiple recurring roles in some of the Top Danish TV Shows such as “Sommerdahl,” “Fraud,” and “Day & Night.”

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Inside Julie Agnete Vang Family: Marriage & Kids

Julie Agnete Vang is the daughter of city gardener Christian Vang Christensen and medical secretary Jane Nordgaard Christensen. She grew up in Esrum in North Zealand. 

A year earlier, 39-year-old Julie Agnete Vang showed off a series of photos from June 5, 2022, when she remarried 45-year-old Thomas Voss on her Instagram.

In January 2020, the couple revealed to their fans that they had been married at the town hall in June 2017 but also dreamed of a “real” wedding.

“We just got married at the town hall quickly because we thought it could be convenient. And then I went to work, and he bought diapers afterward. So it was perfectly normal.”

The couple have a daughter and Thomas also has two kids from his previous relationship (Source: SE)

“After giving a little though to our court marriage, we think we want another wedding ceremony with family and friends and we also want to renew our vows every few years,” Julie Agnete said to her viewers.

The couple are parents to daughter Eva My from 2015. In addition, Julie Agnete Vang’s husband, Thomas Voss, has two children from his marriage to the winner of ‘Den store Bagedyst’ Annemette Voss Fridthjof.

You can see more beautiful bride and groom photos on Julie Agnete Vang’s profile here.

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An Insight Into Julie Agnete Vang’s Success In TV and Media Line

After initial years of training and hardships, Vang graduated from the Statens Teaterskole in 2008. 

The Danish Actress has had roles at Grønnegårds Theatre, Betty Nansen Theatre, Folketeatret, Odense Theatre, and Det Kongelige Theatre.

She has also appeared in various productions, including Fanny and Alexander (2013), and played the role of Hannah in the world premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s The Dictator at Nørrebro Theater in 2017.

Julie Agnete
Julie Agnete is one of the most reputed Danish Actress, famously known for Forbrydelsen (Source: IMDb)

In 2019, she played Olivia in William Shakespeare’s Epiphany in 2019. In 2009, she starred in the 1st season of TV 2-the show “Live from Bremen.”

In 2020, Vang participated in, among other things, the 1st season of the TV series “When the dust has settled.”

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