Elizabeth Taylor Sister

There has been speculation about Elizabeth Taylor Sister, as she had one older brother but no record of a sister.

Elizabeth Taylor was an iconic Actress and a cultural icon known for her beauty, talent, and larger-than-life personality. Her career peaked in the 1960s when she became the world’s highest-paid movie star and won two Academy Awards for Best Actress for her performances in Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966).

Additionally, the Actress went on to become one of the most famous and successful actresses of all time, starring in numerous iconic films such as “Cleopatra,” “Giant,” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” 

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Did Elizabeth Taylor Have A Sister? Meet Brother Howard Taylor 

Elizabeth Taylor did not have a sister, but she did have a brother named Howard Taylor. Despite being raised together, the two siblings led very different lives. Howard, the eldest, was born in 1929 and shared many of the same values and interests as his younger sister Elizabeth.

Although Elizabeth achieved worldwide fame as an Actress, her brother Howard pursued smaller acting opportunities. Eventually, he strayed away from the entertainment industry and focused on building personal relationships.

Amid the ongoing campus riots and Police brutality in the U.S., he gained prominence as an activist and social symbol by bailing out 13 students arrested for vagrancy while seeking shelter.

Elizabeth Taylor Sister
Elizabeth Taylor and her brother, Howard Taylor (Source: Elizabeth Taylor)

Howard invited them to take residency on his beach property in Kauai, Hawaii, where “Howard Camp” was born. The camp offered safety and community for those unhappy with the trajectory of the political and social landscape.

Despite their different paths in life, Elizabeth and Howard shared a strong bond and a moral fiber balanced by their unique personalities and proximity to fame. Elizabeth wrote in her memoir that Howard was a nonconformist in the true sense, not conforming to nonconformity.

He was an unsuperficial, unmaterialistic, and genuine person. Elizabeth admired and worshiped her brother and would have loved to talk more about his life but was careful not to inflict her fame on him because he had a wonderful sense of privacy. 

Elizabeth Taylor Brother Howard Taylor Death Cause

Howard Taylor, the elder brother of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, passed away on December 6, 2020, at 89. The cause of Howard Taylor’s death has not been officially announced. 

Howard and Elizabeth had a close relationship throughout their lives. Despite taking different paths in life, they shared an unbreakable bond. Elizabeth often spoke highly of her brother and his compassionate nature, which she admired greatly. In her memoir, she wrote that Howard was her best friend and someone she trusted completely.

Elizabeth Taylor Sister
Young Elizabeth Taylor and her brother, Howard (Source: Elizabeth Taylor)

Howard was an accomplished Actor and director with a successful career in the entertainment industry, although he never reached the same fame as his sister. He appeared in several movies throughout the 1960s and 1970s, including “Boom!” (1968), which also starred Elizabeth. Howard also directed documentaries, including “The Children of Theatre Street” (1977), which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Howard’s death was a significant loss for the wider entertainment industry and those who were inspired by his activism and humanitarian work. The Elizabeth Taylor Trust has not released any further details about Howard’s death or funeral arrangements, but his legacy will live on through his work and the impact he had on those he helped.

Elizabeth Taylor Early Life Explored

Born on February 27, 1932, Elizabeth Taylor’s Parents were Francis Lenn Taylor and Sara Sothern, American citizens from Arkansas City, Kansas. The family moved to London in 1929, where they opened an art gallery on Bond Street. Elizabeth’s older brother, Howard, was born the same year.

During her childhood in London, Elizabeth was enrolled in the Montessori school, Byron House School. She was raised according to Christian Science, her mother’s religion and her godfather, Colonel Victor Cazalet. The family’s social circle included artists like Augustus John and Laura Knight and politicians like Cazalet, who influenced Elizabeth’s early life.

Elizabeth Taylor Sister
Elizabeth Taylor and Peggy Ann Garner in Jane Eyre (Source: IMDB)

In 1939, the Taylors decided to return to the United States due to the fear of impending war in Europe. United States Ambassador Joseph P. After being urged by Kennedy to return to the U.S., Elizabeth and her family left London for Pasadena, California, where they moved in with her maternal grandfather.

Later settled in Beverly Hills, enrolling Elizabeth in Hawthorne School; it was during this time that Elizabeth’s talent and charm caught the attention of Hollywood, leading to her debut in the 1942 film “There’s One Born Every Minute,” despite the challenges of adjusting to a new country and culture.

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