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Fred Gaster wikipedia explains the life of the Sirius case main suspect, who was a charismatic manipulator with interests in the paranormal and the afterlife.

Moreover, he convinced his victim, Heidrun T., of his extraterrestrial origins and orchestrated a bizarre plan for her demise.

However, her survival marked a twist in the tale. The 1983 legal conviction of Gaster for attempted murder and fraud highlighted the legal distinction between criminal homicide and participation in suicide.

Yet, renewed interest in 2022, led by ARD’s Holger Schmidt and Marie-Claire Schneider, has uncovered mysterious deaths surrounding Gaster, reopening the case.

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Fred Gaster Wikipedia And Heute (Now)

Fred Gaster (d. 1996) was a notable figure in German criminal history, primarily known for his involvement in the infamous “Sirius case.”

Born of humble beginnings, Gaster pursued a life of deceit and manipulation, culminating in shocking events that led to his imprisonment.

In the 1970s, Gaster crossed paths with Heidrun T., a trusting secretary he would later manipulate through a web of lies, ultimately attempting to orchestrate her demise.

This case captivated public attention and eventually led to Gaster’s conviction for attempted murder and fraud.

Fred Gaster wikipedia
Fred Gaster (Source: SHZ)

Further scrutiny of Gaster’s life reveals a troubling pattern of unexplained deaths in his circle during the late 1970s.

While investigations were conducted, no charges were brought in these cases. Gaster’s wife’s mysterious suicide shortly before a pivotal incident added to the intrigue surrounding his life.

After serving his initial prison sentence, Gaster faced additional charges and remained jailed until his release in 1990. His death in 1996 remains shrouded in obscurity, much like many aspects of his enigmatic life.

The “Sirius case” remains a significant study in German criminal law, focusing on complex legal distinctions related to criminal homicide, indirect perpetration, and unpunished participation in suicide.

Strange Deaths Connected With Fred Gaster

In their documentary and podcast, journalists delve into the untold stories of individuals whose unusual deaths have remained in the shadow of the Sirius case.

For instance, there’s the tragic tale of Angela, who inexplicably crashes her car into a tree on a sunny day shortly after meeting Fred.

Then there’s Margarete, who tragically catches fire near Fred’s distinctive roaring Porsche and later succumbs to an overdose during a trip to Amsterdam.

Another unsettling story is that of Hans-Georg, who mysteriously dies of an overdose shortly after receiving a substance from Fred.

Michael’s death in a car accident, in which Fred Gaster was investigated, adds another layer of intrigue.

The narrative also delves into the inexplicable suicide of Fred’s wife, Heike, who tragically took her life on the living room sofa just four weeks before the infamous bathtub incident.

This event raises many questions, with the public and investigators finding it peculiar. However, despite suspicions, concrete evidence linking Fred Gaster to her death is lacking, especially since the death investigation file has been destroyed.

As a result, Heike’s sudden passing remains shrouded in uncertainty. What remains undeniably clear is that between 1976 and 1979, a series of ominous deaths occurred within Fred Gaster’s vicinity, averaging one each year.

The case of Heidrun T. could have been the sixth death in less than three years, further deepening the mystery surrounding this unsettling period.

Reopening of the Siriusfall

The case gained legal significance when the Federal Court of Justice confirmed Gaster’s seven-year prison sentence in 1983.

He was convicted of attempted murder and fraud, highlighting the fine legal distinction between criminal homicide as an indirect perpetrator and participation in suicide without punishment.

This landmark decision also reinforced the legal protection afforded to victims, even in cases of extreme gullibility.

Despite the case being legally resolved and seemingly closed for years, renewed interest emerged in 2022.

A true-crime podcast, “Let’s Talk about Murder,” features Thomas Fischer, former Federal Court of Justice chairman and ARD security expert Holger Schmidt.

Fred Gaster wikipedia
Fred Gaster (Source: SHZ)

They uncovered hints of unexplained deaths linked to the Sirius perpetrator’s vicinity, prompting ARD to investigate extensively.

Holger Schmidt and colleague Marie-Claire Schneider, an SWR archive documentarian, reopened the case, shedding light on the mysterious deaths surrounding Fred Gaster.

Their podcast, “Murder from the Other Star – The Dead of Sirius,” and the documentary series “Deadly Seduction – The Secret of the Sirius Murderer,” delve into the Sirius perpetrator’s environment, unraveling the intricate background of his crimes and those affected.

The Sirius case, once thought closed, now presents a complex and evolving narrative with deeper layers of intrigue and mystery yet to be uncovered.

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