Shannon Boykin is the wife of late Christopher Boykin, a legend known as Big Black, Chris B, and BB on the show Rob & Big. For those who don’t know, the late Christopher Boykin was a reality TV personality and musician.

Even though the legend is no longer with us, his legacy is kept alive even today. It is kept alive by his wife Shannon Boykin and their daughter Isis Rea Boykin.

Let’s talk about the life led by Shannon before and after the death of Christopher Boykin. We will also include other details like her age, career, and so on. Read to find out more.

Shannon Boykin
Shannon Boykin

Before we move any further, let’s take a look at some of her quick facts.

Shannon Boykin: Quick Facts

Full Name: Shannon Boykin
Birth Date:  1980
Birth Place: California
Mother’s Name: Sonja Harnisch Turley
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Black
Spouse: Late Christopher Boykin
Daughter: Isis Rea Boykin

Shannon Boykin Wiki-Bio

Californian resident Shannon Boykin was born in the year 1980. There is no additional information about her early life and education. It also includes the news on her lifestyle and the exact place she grew up.  However, we do know that Sonja Harnisch Turley is her mother.

Aside from this, Shannon has sealed her lips from sharing anything more. The only details that come to light are all related to her late husband, Christopher.

Shannon Boykin Wife Of Late Christopher Boykin

There is no doubt that Shannon came into the limelight because of her husband, Christopher Boykin. Late Boykin was an American musician and TV personality.

Moreover, Christopher was popularly known as Big Black on the show Rob & Big. Unfortunately, Boykin passed away on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

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Notably, the show followed the bizarre adventures of Rob Dyrdek and Big Black as they broke Guinness World Records, did skateboard, and other outlandish things. However, the show ended after three seasons. But it did run successfully from 2006 to 2008. 

Similarly, the couple welcomed their first baby daughter, Isis Rea Boykin, in February 2007. Following the event, Big Black, aka Christopher Boykin, married and decided to focus on his growing family. As seen by many, Christopher was fond of his daughter and often posted pictures together on his social media sites.

Late Christopher Boykin and his daughter Isis Rea Boykin
Late Christopher Boykin and his daughter Isis Rea Boykin

Besides, Shannon and Christopher dated for a long time before they tied the knots in 2008 in a private ceremony. However, the exact date is kept in the dark from the media. Moreover, Shannon was pregnant with daughter Isis while filming an episode of Rob&Big. They dated during the running of the show.

But Christopher was a big family man so much that the musician left the show Rob & Big to focus more on his family. Christopher loved his wife and family more than anything.

Christopher Boykin treasured his daughter more than anything. To point out, unlike Shannon, their daughter Isis enjoyed the attention of the media. Isis even made her TV debut as a baby on Rob & Big.

Moreover, the loving father frequently posted about Isis on his official accounts so much that his entire Facebook is dedicated to Isis.

Death Of Shannon Boykin Husband Big Black

But sadly, Big Black AKA Christopher could not live to see his daughter grow. Initially, the musician was reported to be dead because of a heart attack, but the official report has not been disclosed yet.

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Boykin was only 45 years old when he died. But even though his life was short-lived, his wife and daughter still carried on the legacy.

Age And Body Measurements Of Shannon Boykin

Just like any other information, Shannon is secretive about her body measurements too. On the bright side, we know that she is 41 years old. Despite being in her 40s, Shannon looks young and youthful. Even in her occasional appearances, one can see that Boykin enjoyed the time.

On the other hand, just by looking at her pictures, we can see, Shannon has a petite body, brown hair, and black eyes. Furthermore, she has a fair skin complexion. And another fact is that she is always smiling in the picture.

Career And Awards

Since Shannon only came into the limelight after her connection with her late husband Christopher Boykin, nothing can be found about her education. Sadly, the case is the same with her career as well. No one knows what Shannon’s profession or field of expertise is.

Moreover, it has got hard to attain information now than ever after her husband’s death. Nobody knows the whereabouts of her at present.

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Likewise, her connection with the late singer led Shannon’s life to fame, and she even was listed as one of the top celebrities. Even then, Shannon lived her life in a low profile. Moreover, she rarely appeared in any of her husband’s posts and attended only a few carpets.

Shannon Boykin: Net Worth and Income

Just like her other information, Shannon’s net worth is also kept in the dark. But we do know that Shannon led a luxurious life with her husband. Likewise, Christopher’s net worth at the time of his demise was $3 million. We are sure the family lived comfortably under their reliable father and husband’s care.

Even after her husband’s death, Shannon is living a low profile life with their daughter in Plano, Texas. 

Social Media Presence

As expected from a person who likes to live life in moderation, Shannon is not active on social media. Not to mention, Shannon has no public accounts.

However, Shannon herself announced the unfortunate death of the musician through Twitter on May 10, 2017. Unfortunately, the Boykin has removed her Twitter since then.

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