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As everyone thinks that make-up is just for women, but no, it isn’t. Manny Mua is one of the artists who have started making-up tutorials and gained great fame and fortune. And as of 2019, the youtube star Manny Mua’s net worth is estimated at $483,000.

Manny Mua is a Youtube personality and has a subscriber count of 4 million subscribers. The youtube artist has also accumulated a huge fortune. Manny also is a founder of the company Lunar Beauty.

More about Manny’s net worth, career, personal life is given in the deck below. So stick with us!

Is Manny Mua Gay??
The Youtuber Manny Mua
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Before we get into the life of the artist. Let’s take a look at his quick facts.

Manny Mua: Quick Facts

Name Manny MUA
Full Name Manny Gutierrez
Age (as of 2019) 28 years old
Date of Birth 4 April 1991
Birthplace San Diego, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aries
Hometown San Diego, California, U.S.
Current Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Manny MUA Academic Profile  
Qualification Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree
School Not Known
College/University San Diego State University

Manny Mua Net Worth

Mua is a youtube personality and has accumulated a great fortune through his youtube career and also from his collaboration with various makeup companies.

Mua has an estimated net worth of $483,000.

Manny Mua Career

Manny first had an idea of becoming a plastic surgeon but later on dumped that idea. The makeup artist then started working at Mac and Sephora. Moreover, Manny met Patrick Simonds. Patrick is also a person who loves doing makeup and photography.

Patrick is the person who suggested Manny start his career in social media.

Thus in 2014, Manny started his youtube channel named MannyMua733.

The YouTuber’s channel has all types of beauty information, ranging from makeup tutorials, make-up first impressions, and beauty tips.

Manny has also collaborated with various makeup companies like Makeup Geek, Ofa Cosmetics, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

The Youtube personality has collaborated with Makeup Geek for an eye shadow palette. Furthermore, Manny also collaborated with Ofa Cosmetics for various Lip Products. Also, Mua collaborated with Jeffree Star Cosmetics for 2 highlighters and 2 lipsticks.

Moreover, Manny is the founder of Lunar Beauty, and also the Youtuber is also the first male ambassador for the famous makeup brand Maybelline.

Furthermore, Mua is also the second spoke-person for a beauty brand after James Charles.

Early Life

Manny Mua’s real name is Manuel Gutierrez. The Youtuber was born on April 4, 1991, which makes him 28 years old as of 2019.

Manny Mua Youtube
The famous Youtuber Manny Mua

Manny is the eldest child of his parents. Manny has two small brothers. The youtube star is named after his father, Manuel Gutierrez Sr. As Manny’s family is a religious family, Mua always respects religion.

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Talking about Mua’s education, the Youtuber completed his degree from San Diego University. After that, his parents sent him to enter a premedical school, Mua dropped out when he realized it didn’t work for him.


Manny knew that he was different from all the other boys. He liked to play with girls rather than boys. During his junior high, Manny was attracted to boys. But the mere thought of liking boys used to terrify him.

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And at the age of 17, Manny’s parents found out about him being gay when they read the messages on Mua’s laptop. After which, the Youtuber’s parent sent him to counseling to reverse the effect of being gay.

But the therapy didn’t work on the Youtuber, which sent him into depression during the ineffective treatment. Thus after six months, the artist’s parents gradually came into terms with his sexuality and stopped the counseling.

Moreover, Manny now proudly accepts him as gay.


Before Manny used to be in a relationship with Patrick Starr in November of 2016, Mua even posted some pictures of them in front of a wedding minister. Still, later they revealed that they were not getting married. They were just making an introduction to their new wedding makeup series. However, the couple has now moved on their separate ways.

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Currently, the artist is not in any serious relationship. However,  Manny does have the dream of dating the big star Bradon Flynn.

In spite of using the term boyfriend in his Tweets, Manny doesn’t reveal about having any boyfriend.

Social Media Presence

As a star that has aroused from a social media platform, Manny is active on all social media. Manny is active on all social media platforms. Furthermore, American Youtuber also has a great fan following.

Instagram4.5 million

Youtube4.8 million

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