Samuel McKay Everett Parents

Following his untimely demise, Samuel McKay Everett Parents launched The Samuel Mckay Everett Foundation, which educates children on being safe around people.

Safety is the thing that one prioritizes the most. However, safety is not guaranteed even in our own homes. From robbery to kidnapping, numerous crime incidents have occurred in individuals’ residences. One such instance was the case of Samuel McKay Everett.

Samuel was a bright Conroe, Texas-residing teen who was abducted from his home. As much as the event shocked people, finding out the suspect behind the case was a family friend astonished them more.

The suspect Hilton Crawford killed the young boy and buried his body on the edge of a Louisiana swamp. Upon his arrest, Crawford led cops to Samuel’s remains and was later executed by lethal injection on July 2, 2003.

McKay’s murderer was punished by death, but it could never console his parents, who lost him at such a young age. Carl and Paulette were devasted by his loss, and to this day, the pain of losing their precious son remains.

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Samuel McKay Everett Parents: Father Carl Everett Is No More

Samuel McKay was born on March 1, 1983, to his loving parents, Carl and Paulette Everett Norman. The only child of his mom and dad, he was studying in seventh grade at the time of his abduction.

Samuel McKay’s father, Carl, adored and loved him wholeheartedly. Although less information is available, it is likely that he and his wife raised their little boy, fulfilling his every desire and demand.

It has been revealed that Carl and Paulette taught Sunday School at the Baptist Church in their hometown. They were a well-respected couple in the town and had befriended Hilton Crawford.

Samuel McKay Everett Parents
Samuel McKay Everett was the only child of Carl and Paulette Everett (Source: YouTube)

Unfortunately, the pair never expected the guy (pretending to be one of their closest) would bring such turmoil to their family. The night of Samuel’s disappearance, his dad phoned him every thirty minutes.

As Samuel didn’t answer the phone, Carl immediately returned, finding him missing. Later on, Carl died at fifty-eight in April 2011. He was able to see his son’s murderer being executed.

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Samuel McKay Everett Mother Paulette Everett Norman Is An Author – Podcast

No mother will ever have to face the grievance of losing their child. Unfortunately, Paulette underwent such pain. Although she was able to see Crawford’s execution, it did but soothe her suffering a little.

Norman underwent therapy to improve her speech and mobility caused by a stroke. Over the years, she has done various works to raise awareness about children’s safety.

For instance, Paulette’s Samuel McKay Everett Foundation prioritizes teaching kids to be safe around people, be they strangers or known. She has also developed videos and a curriculum for kindergarteners through fifth grades.

Besides that, Samuel McKay Everett’s mom has authored four books. Two of her books are about her late boy’s kidnapping and murder case, namely Waltz with Insanity and Deadly Betrayal: The Kidnapping and Murder of McKay Everett.

Samuel McKay Everett Parents
Samuel McKay Everett’s mother created The Samuel McKay Everett Foundation (Source: The Courier)

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that Norman worked with producer Ben Kuebrich on creating a podcast series about her little boy’s case. It will be named Ransomcontaining seven to nine episodes during the show.

To conclude, Paulette is doing everything she can to create awareness about children’s safety. She is trying to keep Samuel’s name alive and using his death as a motivation to bring changes in society.

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