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With the global popularity of anime and Japanese culture, many artists have been surging from the said country. Like said, Sakaguchi Kentaro also takes place in the same manner. Don’t be mistaken; he is not the rookie in the entertainment field but a veteran.

Known for his eye smile and tall figure, Kentaros surely is one of the acclaimed actors in Japan. In fact, the popular manga, The Daytime Shooting Star‘s protagonist, Daiki Mamura, was based upon him.  The charming actor has not only stolen the hearts of fans but many celebrities as well.

Today, you will get to know all the facts and stuff about this dashing actor. Things you may have missed or did not know will all be here. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Sakaguchi Kentaro age
Sakaguchi Kentaro, 28, Japanese Model and Actor

But first, here are some facts on Sakaguchi.

Sakaguchi Kentaro: Quick Facts

Full Name Sakaguchi Kentaro
Age 28 years
Date of Birth July 11, 1991
Horoscope Cancer
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Ethnicity Asian
Height 6 feet(183 cm)
Weight 70 kgs(154 lbs)
Build Athletic
Blood Type O
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Marital Status Unmarried
Profession Model, Actor
Active years 2010-present
Net Worth $10 million-$20 million
Social Media Instagram

Early Life and Education

The famous actor/model, Sakaguchi Kentaro (坂口 健太郎) was born in Tokyo, Japan, the land of the rising sun. Being born in Japan, which is known for its hospitality and gentle nature, one can expect Sakaguchi to be so.

Maybe that is why he has not disclosed much when it comes to his parents and siblings. He does not want to pressure them by putting them in the eye of the media and the public alike.

According to some online sites, it was claimed that Kentaro grew up as an only child to his parents. Growing up in Tokyo’s bustling city, the young Sakaguchi showed genuine interest in academics, much like his father.

Though there is no information on his academics, Sakaguchi is a well-educated individual and is fluent in Korean and English. Not to mention, the Tokyo boy also tackled mathematics two years above the national average.

Age, Height, and Other Measurements: How Old Is Sakaguchi Kentaro?

Known for his eye smile, Sakaguchi Kentaro is the epitome of a flower boy. Because of his youthful appearance and charming demeanor, one can hardly believe that this young man right here is 28 years old.

Yes, born in the year 1991, Sakaguchi is 28 years as we speak. The known actor celebrates his birthday every year on the 11th of July, making his sun sign a Cancer. The sign is known for being emotional, determined, and intelligent.

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Contrary to his flower image, Sakaguchi has an athletic body that stands at a staggering height of 6 feet(183 cm). Typically Asian actors are known for not being tall; hence, you are right when we say Sakaguchi makes quite an entry wherever he is.

Sakaguchi Kentaro height
Shio-gao” Sakaguchi Kentaro

However, it is not only his towering height that has got the fans on their knees. It is his features and the way they perfectly suit his personality. The young actor has got fair skin complexion that goes well with his black eyes and hair. Mesmerized, many fans termed him as “Shio-gao” which roughly translates to having a salt face or white as salt.

Apart from that, he has got ruffled black hair, pronounced cheekbones, and a chiseled jawline, making him look tough. But his eye smile breaks all his toughness in one go.

Sakaguchi Kentaro- ‘The Original Tokyo Boy’

Many might not know this, but before being the inspiration of Daiki and starring in Heroine Shikkaku, Sakaguchi debuted as a model. He officially started his modeling career in 2010 by appearing in the Men’s Non-no magazine.

So, where did the inspiration come from? And what led him to do modeling in the first place?

To talk about it, Sakaguchi first got into photography. His passion for photography led Kentaro to appear in some small modeling jobs. As expected, the charming model’s photoshoots gained much love and attention from the public. His urban boy look gained so much popularity that they nicknamed him ‘Tokyo Boy‘ for his fresh yet appealing trendy style.

Sakaguchi Kentaro model
Sakaguchi Kentaro for ELLE Men

Ironically, Sakaguchi was then invited overseas for modeling gigs and photo shoots. This led him to model for some South Korean magazines as well.

As of now, this renowned Japanese actor has appeared in magazines like Elle Men, Men’s Preppy, Truck, Tokyo Prepper, Men’s Non-no, and many others. Moreover, he has participated in fashion shows like GirlsAward 2014 Spring/Summer and GirlsAward 2015 Spring/Summer. 

Rise to Prominence: Professional Acting Career and Live-Action

Four years after working as a model, Sakaguchi finally elevated himself as an actor and took on the new challenge. It is not uncommon for models to take acting; however, only a handful of models have been able to make a name for themselves in the acting industry.

Similarly, Sakaguchi made his much-awaited acting debut from Shanti Days 36s Days, Happy Breath. His portrayal of Shun got much positive response from the public.

The following year, this Japanese actor starred as Makoto Sunakawa in My Love Story(2015). Since then, Kentaro has appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows while continuing his work as a model. Quite hectic if you ask us.

In just a year, Kentaro declared that he will pursue an acting career and has been working hard to hone his skills.

“I am currently studying acting so I really want to be an actor. Little by little and slowly, I want to increase the number of people that know me.”

Well, the handsome actor Sakaguchi’s notable performances can be seen in productions like Our Little Sister(2015), Prophecy(2015), Heroine Shikaku(2015), Love That Makes You Cry(2016), Color I’m Sorry, I Love You(2017), Me True(2018), Signal(2018), and many more.

Within the years, we have seen Kentaro personify the popular guy in many live actions. For those who don’t know, live-action mainly in the movie adaptation of popular manga or novel. It is quite common in the Japanese entertainment industry.

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Hence you can imagine the pandemic caused when it was rumored that Sakaguchi Kentaro would be starring as Daiki Mamura in one of the best-selling manga ‘The Daytime Shooting Star.’

Also, the fact that the mangaka Yamamori-sensei’s secret model for Mamura was Sakaguchi further ignited the rumor and possibility of seeing him on screen. Sadly, to many’s disappointment, the role eventually went to actor Shirahama Aran. A lot of fans were not satisfied with the news, and some even boycotted the movie as a result.

Sakaguchi Kentaro Live action
Sakaguchi Kentaro ‘The Original Tokyo Boy’

Nonetheless, his work in the drama, Juhan Shuttai, also known as Sleepeeer Hit!, established himself as an actor in the industry. His portrayal of Koizumi Jun was much applauded, where he successfully transformed as the uninspired ad executive.

Likewise, Sakaguchi has also appeared in a theatre production titled The Seagull in 2016, where he played Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplyov.

Sakaguchi Kentaro and Seo Kang Joon

Sakaguchi Kentaro is most famous when it comes to acting and modeling. Aside from his charming personality and his close resemblance to South Korean actor Seo Kang Joon that caught the attention of many.

The online community and the SNS blew up with this news. However, the two are not related or even knew about each other before this.

Sakaguchi Kentaro and Seo Kang Joon
Sakaguchi Kentaro and his doppelganger, Seo Kang Joon

On June 9, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Korean actor expressed his genuine thoughts. Pointing out the similarities, he said,

“A friend showed me a photo of him, and was like, ‘There’s this guy who looks just like you. I thought it was me! Even though I knew I’d never taken that photo.”

Sakaguchi Kentaro Has a Close Bond with BTS As Well

Not only Seo Kang Joon but Sakaguchi has a close bond with the South Korean boy band, BTS as well. The seven-member group sang the OST titled ‘Don’t Leave Me’ for the 2018 Japanese Drama, Signal, where Sakaguchi played the lead role.

Not to mention, the actor even attended the Official Fan Meeting of BTS in the Yokohama Arena, that took place in 2018.

Sakaguchi Kentaro BTS
Sakaguchi Kentaro and BTS’ J-Hope

Apart from knowing them, Sakaguchi is especially close to the member, J-Hope. The two even went out for lunch when BTS was in Japan for their concert. This just how much they love being in each other’s company.

Sakaguchi Kentaro Dating: Is He Single? Is He Married?

As of now, it is evident that Sakaguchi Kentaro is the original Tokyo Boy who has got many fans and admirers all over the globe. The boy crush of many, however, seems to be single at the moment, which some find hard to fathom.

Desired by many and loved by all, Sakaguchi has no shortcomings regarding his looks and ability. Hence, many fans claim either Sakaguchi is hiding something is already dating someone special.

Sakaguchi Kentaro dating, married
Sakaguchi Kentaro and Mitsuki Takahata

Considering how he is conscious of his personal matters and people related to him, the reasons seem valid. A few years back, the actor was rumored to be dating actress and singer, Mitsuki Takahata. 

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However, neither Sakaguchi ‘s nor Takahata’s company confirmed the news. The rumors sparked after the duo appeared together in Fuji TV’s Itsuka Kono Koi Wo Omoidashite Naiteshimasu and NHK’s morning drama, Tote Nee-chan. 

Net Worth and Income: How Much Does Sakaguchi Kentaro Make?

There is no doubt that Sakaguchi is one of the well-known actors and models in the Japanese entertainment industry right now. Not to mention, he is famous in many Asian countries and Europe too. So, what are his income and net worth then?

As of 2020, it is estimated that the actor makes somewhere between $10 million to $20 million. Considering his hectic schedule and popularity, the amount seems justifiable.

However, still, Sakaguchi’s exact amount and assets have been kept safe from the prying eyes of media and the public alike. We hope to update you, folks, on this matter soon.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  667k Followers

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