Mr. Sunshine

While the world has been busy celebrating Valentine’s day, feeling miserable for things you should not be, or buying things you don’t need. Army’s, on the other hand, has been waiting for the special day of someone. No, let us rephrase that, Army has been planning a big project for someone.

Yes, and that someone happens to be our J-Hope, aka Our hope and Mr. Sunshine. Since we, along with the other Army, are celebrating his birthday, we thought it would be great to let you in a bit of insight into this amazing person.

J-Hope birthday
J-Hope for Winter Package 2020

1.  J-Hope’s Real Name

The former Army knows this, but the new Army might not. But J-Hope is not the real name of our guy. His real name is Mr. Sunshine. Just Kidding! The member of the South Korean boy band BTS goes by the name Jung Ho-Seok where his family name is Jung.

Similarly, Ho-Seok uses J-Hope as his stage name, which was given by the Band Si-Hyuk, know in fandom as Bang Pd( CEO of Big Hit Labels) before their debut. As the name suggests, his name J-Hope means ‘Hope and Happiness.’

Since the debut, the said member has fully embraced his name and now is known as Mr. Sunshine of the group.

2.  J-Hope’s Birthday

Well, guys hope you are all prepared for this because the time is almost up. Yes, we are talking about the birthday of our Sunshine. Born on February 18, 1994, Jung Ho-Seok will turn 25 years old.  Also, his star sign is Aquarius.

Many fans have been preparing for months to celebrate this special day with other fellow fans, aka Army. Fans from around the globe have been working to successfully pull off this particular birthday project for him.

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Moreover, fans have made it possible to run a birthday ad at New York Times Square for this occasion alone. They did the same thing last year too.

3. J-Hope Has an Older Sister

Born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea, Jung Ho-Seok lived with his parents and an older sister. His sister, who goes by the name Jung Dawon is four years older than him. However, she looks youthful and has an uncanny resemblance to J-Hope himself.

J-Hope sister
J-Hope with his sister, Jung Dawoon

Similarly, J-Hope talks highly of his sister, who is a fashion designer and has her clothing line. This little brother supports her sister by wearing the clothes from her line and even promotes them; however, he can.

And it seems the effort is paying as Jung Dawon has many fans of her own. At the moment, she has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram.

4.  J-Hope Is The Main Dancer and Rapper of BTS

As we all know, BTS is killing it at the music scene worldwide. Formerly known as the Bangtang Seonyondan, aka Bullet Proof Boys Scout, they now go by the new name, Beyond The Scene. Since their debut on June 12, 2013, J-Hope has actively performed his role as the group’s main dancer.

However, the decision was not made on a fluke. In fact, J-Hope proved his worth as a dancer and earned his spot fair and square. Before debuting with BTS, a global phenomenon, he was part of Neuron’s underground dance team.

Moreover, Jung Ho-Seok also took dance classes at Gwangju Music Academy and relatively honed his skills. Throughout his younger days, the dancing machine won various prizes, including a national dance competition in 2008. 

As of now, Jung Ho-Seok leads the team and even helps in creating new moves as part of the original choreography. He specializes in locking and hip-hop and does not hesitate to showcase his skills.

5.  J-Hope Is The Richest BTS Member

There’s no denying that BTS is the boy band of this generation. They have proved time and again why they deserve such a title. From Billboards to Grammy to the United Nations, the seven-member South Korean group has achieved many impossible things in the past few years.

Similarly, J-Hope, at present, has an estimated net worth of $12 million. While the other members of his group have a net worth of $8 million. Apart from group activity, J-Hope earned additional money from his solo mixtape Hope World.

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Likewise, their album sales are increasing with each release. Not to mention, their concert tickets have become almost impossible to attain because of high demands. Also, BTS made it to the list of Forbes for The World’s Highest-Paid Boy Band and K-Pop Act with a whopping $57 million annually.

6. J-Hope’s Eccentric Yet Vibrant Fashion Style

Aside from dominating the global scene, BTS is also known for their fashion sense. Despite being in the same group, each member has their unique sense of style and items that they are fond of.

While Jungkook‘s wardrobe is dominated by black and white, mostly the former, V is more of a retro and indie style. RM is more into earthy and warm tones, Jimin is all about Chelsea boots, Jin is comfort, and Suga is also into black and simple items.

J-Hope fashion
J-Hope’s versatile fashion

However, J-Hope never has a dull or simple look. Compared to his other members, J-Hope uses a lot of vibrant colors and accessories to pop off his style. Let it be his heavy Balenciaga shoes or see-through bags, a pouch that was despised by the members, or white suit from Saint Laurent, his fashion keeps on changing.

But one thing is sure, his fashion style and themes match his outgoing and happy go personality.

7.  J-Hope Almost Left The Group

Well, when we think about it, BTS is perfect as a seven-member group. But can you imagine BTS without any member? No right. However, before they debuted, J-Hope once left the group.

To be precise, he decided to leave the group. In the third episode of ‘Burn The Stage,’ a YouTube Red exclusive BTS documentary, J-Hope opened up about the past.

Likewise, he mentioned how things not working out for the group led Mr. Sunshine to make such a decision. But our maknae, Jungkook, teared up over the news and begged him to stay.

J-Hope BTS
BTS for the MOTS:7 second cover shoot

Despite the effort, J-Hope did leave the group. That’s when RM, the leader of BTS, stepped up and requested Big Hit Entertainment to bring him back. He even stated how important J-Hope was to the group and for them to move forward. Luckily, their efforts paid off.

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When asked why he came back, J-Hope, without any hesitation, replied that he firmly believed in each member and believed one day they would make it big.

Well, aren’t we lucky Army that we have such a kind person in our team? He might be loud and sometimes too scared, but the part J-Hope plays in the group is undeniably significant. On this particular day, we wish him nothing but eternal happiness.

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