Russell Westbrook crip and crip walk celebration

Following the Lakers Point Guard’s joke about Staples Center’s new name, fans and sports lovers questioned whether Russell is a crip. Is Russell Westbrook Crip? Let’s spill out the truth and debunk that myth.

Professional basketball player Westbrook was born in Long Beach, California, on 12 November 1988.

He grew up in Hawthorne and went to Lawndale Leuzinger High for education.

Russell attended UCLA, where he began his basketball career.

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Russell Westbrook Crip Rumours Debunked

Rumors debunked: No, Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Russell Westbrook is not a Crip.

Russell Westbrook crip
Russell Westbrook is not a crip but an elite-level basketball player. (Source: Los Angeles Times)

A few online portals started questioning if Russell is a crip following his recent mentions of the gang.

The answer is no, Westbrook is not a crip, but he is an elite-level professional basketball player, fashion icon, and family man. Apparently, he isn’t involved in gang activity.

Russell’s latest mention of the Crips is just reflective of him just goofing around.

Reportedly, a rumor spread that Staples Center would be renamed the Arena. 

After the team signed a whopping $700 million naming rights deal with cryptocurrency Company Crypto, people feared their beloved team name would be changed entirely.

However, that was not the case. 

The Lakers and Clippers’ home, including the WNBA’s Sparks and NHL’s Kings, will change its name to the Staples Center after almost twenty-two years on Christmas Day 2022. 

Previous investors AEG verified the news. So, the stadium’s new name would stay in place for the next twenty years.

Some NBA fans harshly reacted to the name change, including late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa.

Bryant’s wife explained her dissatisfaction with the arena, saying that the stadium will be forever remembered as the Kobe-built House.

In the heat, Westbrook mockingly joked about staples Center being Crip Arena. 

Westbrook joined the Lakers this offseason, and in an interview after the Purple and Gold’s defeat, he was asked about the name change. 

When asked about Staples Center changing its name to Arena, Westbrook jokingly replied:

Did you said The Crip? What did you say, the Crip Arena? I don’t get what you said. My bad! I heard you said the Crip Arena.

Talking about the Crips are an infamous Los Angeles-based street gang. They are involved in criminal activities and their notorious bitter beef with the Bloods.

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Russell Westbrook Did a crip walk

Wild gossip and rumors spread regarding Westbrook being a member of the Crips.

It all began when the former MVP celebrated his score,  breaking into a crip walk in the middle of a game.

Westbrook crip walked past half-court, and Tha Eastsidaz’s G’d Up was playing in the arena, so he did a little dance.

Russell Westbrook crip walk
Russell Westbrook crip walk. (Source: Fadeaway World)

Generally speaking of the crip walk, the culture began as a gang dance but has been adopted into hip-hop. Usually, it is a gesture to celebrate Compton roots.

Westbrook said this when asked about his crip walk.

All I heard was the Tha Eastsidaz’s G’d Up music and I felt like this is my joint right here, then my feet start moving. Simply, That is just how it feels for me.

I love to dance and that is something I enjoy doing. So, it sort of happened during the game but I was enjoying it. Just our swag and energy.

Westbrook said that is the way he is, and he thinks for people to be who they need to be, they must be free and do things that feel normal to them. 

As mentioned above, the ‘Crip Arena’ line was just a joke to play on words, and Westbrook later celebrated his victory doing the crip walk simply because he felt like doing it in the heat of the moment.

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