Dart game lovers might know well about Callan Rydz. His followers are curious to know if their favorite dart player looks different on his face. So, what’s wrong with Callan Rydz Teeth? 

People are speculating that something is wrong with Callan Rydz’s recent looks. Moreover, they suspect his facial shape is changed.

Furthermore, his fans think the difference is connected with Callan Rydz Teeth. So, is there something odd with his facial structure? 

Well, before we cover what’s wrong with Callan Rydz teeth, let’s us tell you he is a Famous English dart player.

The young athlete rose to prominence for playing in the Professional Darts Corporation events.  

Born on 3 July 1998, Rydz won several tournaments, including the 2014 Finder Masters Youth, the 2019 PDC Challenge Tour, and the 2020 PDC Development Tour.

Moreover, he received the Player’s Championship (BAR) in 2021. Similarly, Callan Rydz qualified in the 2018 PDC World Youth Championship.

A few internet sources suggest that Callan Rydz’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Obviously, the professional dart player amassed his fortune playing in high-profile dart tournaments. 

Moreover, Rydz is a huge New Castle United F.C. supporter, coming from the same city. 

Moving on to his teeth, a few before & after clicks of Rydz sparked speculation about whether or not he had any accident. 

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What Is Wrong With Callan Rydz Teeth?

Unsurprisingly, the famous young dart player Callan Rydz has excellent teeth. Apparently, he has nothing wrong with his teeth. 

Callan Rydz Teeth
Professional dart player Callan Rydz’s Teeth are excellent. (Source: Dart News)

But a few internet users suggested he might have opted for hair transplant surgery. Also, these speculations could be false as he is too young to get surgery.

It is less likely that Rydz has opted for any surgery or fixed his teeth. 

Many people spread rumors that the dart player has modified his appearance. However, Rydz hasn’t confirmed the news himself.

Also, there is no evidence to back Rydz false teeth rumors, as he has perfect teeth. 

Being a guy and a professional player, Rydz might not have had cosmetic procedures to alter his appearance.

Rydz has much to prove in the competitions, so he is less likely to focus on these petty things.

Whatever the case, his followers are wowed to see his performance in the game rather than his facial details, including his teeth.

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Callan Rydz’s Before And After Photo

Professional dart player Callan Rydz’s before and after snaps look much similar. Evidently, there is not much of a difference. 

His attractive facial features and recent transformation have made his followers wonder if he has undergone any surgery.

Callan Rydz before and after
Professional dart player, Callan Rydz’s before and after snips look much of the same. (Source: YouTube | Online Darts)

Perhaps, Rydz may not have had cosmetic procedures to alter his appearance. But he could have made his appearance look more appealing by going to the gym and cutting off that extra fat. 

The dart player may take care of his body daily by eating healthy and following a proper fitness routine. That’s the first mantra of every athlete. 

Also, Rydz needs much more practice to improve his game stats. His latest PDC Masters Game is followed by many. The event took place on 27 January 2023. 

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