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Youtube has always been a place to show skills and make a lot of fans all around the globe. Roman Atwood is a prime example of this.

He is a prankster who has made an enormous buzz with his skills and composure.

A prank is not an easy task, but Atwood does it so precisely to earn lots of fans and also make all of his doing so realistic.

Be there to know more about his personal and professional life.

Roman atwood age
Roman Atwood

But let’s dive through with some quick facts first.

Roman Atwood: Quick Facts

Full Name Roman Bernard Atwood
Date of Birth 1983 /05 /28 
Age 40 years old
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nickname Roman Atwood
Marital Status Married
Wife Brittney Atwood
Birthplace Ohio, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Jewish
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American
Ex-Wife Shanna Riley
Nationality American
Net Worth $14.5 million
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dark Brown
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Update  May2024

Net Worth

This amount might come as a surprise, but Roman Atwood’s net worth is $14.5 million. There were assumptions that this amount spanned to $20 million, but there is no reality in it.

All of this net worth is from the prank videos that this artist performs on a more regular basis. For his salary count, though, sources suggest that he makes $550 per day.

There is no information about his fancy cars, but recently he purchased an elegant house in Ohio for $350 grand. He might also be doing endorsements in his video whose actual information is not available.


Roman Bernard Atwood was born on 28 May 1983 in Ohio, the USA. Curtis Atwood and Susan Anne Christian are the names of his parents. Apart from this, he has a sibling named Dale Atwood.

Roman belongs to American nationality and also mixed ethnicity.

Age and Body Measurements

Roman was born in 1983, which makes him 40 years old. He stands at the height of 5’9″ and weighs 68kgs.

Other vital body statistics of this prankster are not known to any general public.

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But we have the detailed information that he has blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Early Life and Education

Atwood was born in Ohio and had a normal childhood there with his family and sibling. He was particularly interested in being in front of the camera from early childhood.

For Roman’s educational background, there is no detailed information. But some sources suggest that he attended the Millersport Junior High school. Sadly there is no data on whether he completed his education or what is the actual degree he gained.

Roman Atwood: Pets

In addition to his human family, Atwood has a zoo with two cats named Nitro and Tux, a donkey named Empire, and a fish tank.

However, Atwood’s most adored pet has to be his husky named Flash.

Fans appreciate seeing Atwood having fun with his small companions.

Roman Atwood: Professional Career

Roman is a well-known prankster who has a huge fan following. His career started back in high school when he began producing the DVD series The Nerd Herd.

Most of our readers might not know, but Atwood was part of his family business for some time as well.

However, Roman’s career took a lift when he started the YouTube channel Sketch Empire in 2010. His video of Plastic Ball Prank has 77+ million views.

His popularity rose to the top when Nissan offered Roman a new car in exchange for a video clip from the prank.

Roman’s success is soaring high, and the Best Brand campaign aided it in 2015 for the video clip used by Nissan.

Apart from this, his famous pranks include Anniversary Prank, Killing My Kid Prank.

Atwood thought of trying for movies with all of this success, and Natural Born Pranksters was released in 2016.

This movie didn’t do that well, and it bombed in the industry. There were negative reviews and also adverse comments.

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Although his movie didn’t work well, his youtube popularity didn’t affect him one bit. Recently Roman toured Canada for a show with other fellow youtube stars, and it was a successful tour.

In 2017, Roman Atwood announced plans to arrange a YouTuber Demolition Derby for his followers to enjoy while simultaneously raising funds for charity.

Three of the drivers have been identified as YouTubers Yousef Erakat, Casey Neistat, and Logan Paul. Millions of YouTube fans were overjoyed to see their favorite YouTubers on the same stage.

It was one of the most ambitious projects that Roman had ever undertaken.

Roman Atwood: Wife

Roman Atwood is one of those individuals who has done well in his professional life but not so good in his personal life. He is married twice to date. The name of his first wife was Shanna O Riley.

Both of them dated for a while and walked down the aisle on November 17, 2001, in Ohio. Not only this, but they are blessed with child Noah Vaughn Atwood.

Sadly the couple has to part their ways in 2008, and Roman won the custody of the kid.

One of the main reasons for the divorce was termed to be Shanna cheating on him. On vacation, she was in a close relationship with a mutual friend, which brought an end to their marriage.

After parting ways with Shanna, he met another lady at the wedding of a familiar friend.

Well, the lady was Britteny Smith. As faith had in store, both of them started dating, and they live happily as of now. Roman and Britteny shared their vows in July 2018.

roman atwood wife
Roman Atwood with his family

It might come as a surprise, but they are already blessed with two children.

Kane Atwood was born on October 23, 2011, and a baby girl named Cora Atwood was born on July 16, 2017.

Moreover, another popular member that fans love to see in Roman’s vlogs is the grandmother Maw Maw. Maw Maw is actually the grandmother of Brittney Smith. 

Interestingly, granny has even in the title of Roman’s Vlogs. This proves how popular granny has become. 

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Until this moment, there is no information about any rift in their relationship, and they share happy go merry time in Ohio.

Feud with Chase Gilroy

Chase Gilroy is a renowned American YouTuber known for his prank videos. Chase’s brother-in-law is Roman Atwood. Chase used to work as a camera operator for Roman.

Working with Roman taught him a lot, and he was even included in several of Roman’s videos.

However, their friendship dissolved in the mid-2010s. Both of their admirers were heartbroken to see this chaos. But that’s the way it is.

Coin Ring

In August 2021, Roman tweeted asking his fans if they loved the rings that he made out of coins. 

Fans responded with appraisals and some of them were even ready to buy them. 

G Fuel Customized Flavor

G FUEL has sponsored Atwood’s career since 2018.

He has previously expressed his support for the leading gaming energy drink brand, which he says is a better and safer alternative to more traditional energy beverages.

Atwood introduced a new personalized flavor, the tropical-themed Bahama Mama, as well as limited-edition Bahama Mama and Rainbow Roman shaker glasses in 2019.

G FUEL has maintained the industry’s largest and most enthusiastic fan, consumer, content producer, and partner community. And we hope that this partnership lasts more.

Moreover, in March 2021, G Fuel collaborated with Roman Atwood for giving away either $30,000 cash or a 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to the fans. 

This was huge and also a brilliant marketing technique as this campaign generated a huge buzz around the media. 


What happed to Roman Atwood’s mom?

It was a massively sad moment for our favorite Youtube Roman Atwood to know that his mother passed away in an accident. She was actually in a little scooter with Roman’s nephew. However, God had another plan. 

When did Roman Atwood get his lizard haircut?

It happened in October 2015. He posted it on Youtube and until now the video has over 7 million views.

Roman also shared the post on Facebook, citing that he would do more of it if his son kept on giving the reaction that he gave upon seeing the haircut for the first time. 

How many kids does Roman Atwood have?

Altogether, Roman Atwood has four kids. Their names are Noah, Kane, Knox, and Cora. 

Social Media Presence

Instagram4.9m followers

Twitter2.7m followers

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