Social Media has always been useful for people who have utilized it well. Faze Apex is someone who has positively used Youtube to be an overnight internet star. He is an essential member of the Faze Clan and also co-head of the famous video game Call of Duty.

There are lots of people who are interested to know how much he earns or what are the new ventures that have made him his net worth. Well, for all the gamers, this article is for you all.

faze apex net worth
Faze Apex

But let’s know some facts that help to see this youtube star up close

Faze Apex: Quick Facts

Full Name Yousef Abdelfattah
Date of Birth 1996 /06 /20
Nickname Faze Apex
Marital Status Single
Birthplace  California, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5’9″
Profession Youtuber, Gamer
Nationality American
Weight 71 kgs
Net Worth $2.2 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter, Youtube


Yousef Abdelfattah was born on 20th June 1996 in California, New York. There is no information about his parents. But in most of his videos, we can hear her mom talking. Like most of the gamers, he also likes to live on the darker side rather than exclaiming his data.

Faze belongs to mixed ethnicity and also American nationality. Apex is always interested in video games from a very young age. His zodiac sign falls under Gemini, which suggests the fact that he is expressive and talented at the same time.

Age and Body Measurements

Faze was born in 1996, which makes him 24 years old as of now. He stands at the height of 5’9,” and his weight is 71 kgs. The gamer owns a pretty slim body, which is the result of regular workout. Other vital body statistics of this gamer is in the dark.

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We can say with assurance that he has black eyes and black hair. Faze tends to earn a lot of fans through his GAming skill, which is pretty commendable. As and when something comes out of the blue about the shoe and dress size comes out, we will keep you all updated.

Early Life and Education

There is no valid information about his early childhood. Faze tends to include his mother’s voice in most of his videos. He was born in California and spent most of his childhood there. One thing is sure that Faze had a keen interest in video games from a young age.

For his educational background, though, he attended the elementary school with its name not known to anyone, after his primary school. However, he participated at the Lowell High school in 2010 and matriculated from there. No information after this is known to anyone. We believe that he focused on his gaming career more.

Faze Apex Career

When Apex started his career in the field of gaming there was not much bright light but his family supported him all along. Apex started his youtube channel in 2008 and posted videos. His video was from Call Of Duty game and his username being Atrocity HD. Apex is mostly known from the Faze Clan channel, but he didn’t start it.

In 2010 Thomas Oliveira formed this channel with two other members. Apex was later included in it. In 2014 Apex was a member of this clan, and before this, he used to play in his channel. There was no downward movement after joining this group.

faze apex career
Faze Clan

As of 2019, he is the co-owner of this clan alongside Thomas, Richard, and Nordan. However, this was always not the same case. Faze Clan was called Faze Sniping early. Other games that are played by this squad are FIFA, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and many more.

With all of these games, admittedly, Faze is pretty good in COD. It is because they haven’t won any tournaments relating to other games.

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Their Forte, however, remains in Call Of Duty, and they are way good in it. Not only gaming but this group also owns a clothing line and sell merchandise on their respective website.

Faze Apex Girlfriend

Faze Apex is currently single. There is no actual information about his personal life, and he generally doesn’t talk about such things. He is more focused upon his gaming career and wants to do far better in it.

There were rumors, though, that he was in a relationship at the age of 11 with Adrianna Scaley. But all these rumors blew up as neither of the two said anything about it. This gamer might not be much open, but he is too close to his family members.

Due to the reason of remaining single, he was termed as a gay, but there is no confirmation about it. Faze has neither accepted nor denied this fact.

At this point, the man is highly focused on being one of the most successful gamers. We hope that someday, Apex shares his personal life openly, and we would surely keep you all updated.

Net Worth

Apex has been part of the gaming world for an extended period now. It must not come as a massive surprise if the earnings are way higher. Faze Apex owns the net worth of $2.2 million. His net worth is from the gaming career and also the Youtube videos. His monetized account channel includes the likes of Vlogs, reaction, and gaming videos.

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Apex’s salary is reported to be $100,000. Not only this but Faze also does endorsements of products, which makes him good bucks. There are lots of recent projects that Apex is focused on, so we hope there will be a steep rise.

Although there is proper information about the net worth, nothing accurate is available about the assets owned. Whatever might be the case, he is undoubtedly living a lavish gaming life.

Social Media Presence

Other than gaming, the talented individual uses social media to make money. His Youtube vlogs surely do justice to his earning. So the avid gamers reading this article can follow the man on social media profiles.

Twitter– 2.45m followers

Instagram– 2.2m followers

Youtube- 5.79 million


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