Pennie Gomez

Following the death of Ashley Lopez on January 11, Pennie Gomez was charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

In San Antonio, Texas, a mother of five died after being hit by a car outside her House while defending her daughter from school bullies.

Before being struck by a car, the victim, according to Ana Blanco, was protecting her 11-year-old daughter from threats.

After the passing of 28-year-old Ashley Lopez, a local family demands more questions than explanations.

Pennie Gomez, the driver, has reportedly been arrested by San Antonio Police in connection to the death of Lopez.

Pennie Gomez Arrested: Accused Of Intentionally Running Over 2 Girls And Killing Ashley Lopez

A woman got arrested after San Antonio Police determined she attacked two ladies engaged in a severe argument close to downtown, killing one.

According to Bexar County Jail records, Pennie Gomez was arrested Thursday and charged with murder and aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

Pennie Gomez
Pennie Gomez got arrested in a hit and run case. (source: NewsBreak )

Police were alerted to an incident on Wednesday around 8:30 pm on Angela Walk and South Picoso Street, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

They found a woman who had been struck by a car there. Due to her injuries, she passed away immediately there. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the victim’s identity as Ashley Lopez.

Another woman escaped with very minor injuries despite being struck by the car.

As per Police, a bitter dispute involved between 15 and 30 persons. When Gomez attacked the woman from inside a car, the situation worsened.

Based on the statement, at least five witnesses reported seeing Gomez intentionally driving into the crowd of Police.

Due to one witness, Gomez stopped the car after hitting the victim, and the witness smashed on the window to alert her that she had injured someone.

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Mother Killed While Defending Her Daughter

A mother-of-five got killed by a car outside her home after defending her daughter, who was 11 years old.

On the evening of January 11, when Ashley Lopez’s daughter’s attackers appeared outside their House in San Antonio, Texas, she got involved in a conversation with another woman.

Pennie Gomez became involved in the argument and got into a fight with Lopez during the encounter, which, according to the Police, involved 30 people.

Pennie Gomez
In the incident outside Lopez’s San Antonio house, 15 and 30 people were involved. (Source: New York Post )

However, while witnesses observed Lopez fall to the ground unconscious, Gomez drove off and dragged the mother more than 20 feet across the street.

The arrest report says that one of the witnesses was inside Gomez’s car. They tried to shift into a drive to free the two women from the car.

After the large fight, which had 30 people spreading out onto Angela Walk and South Picoso Street at around 8.30 pm on Wednesday, witnesses captured the tragic hit-and-run on their cell phones.

Lopez’s mother, Ana Blanco, was devastated when her daughter got killed while questioning Gomez. As a result, she demanded to know why her daughter got killed. Blanco questioned, “Why would you do this?”

After being arrested on Thursday, Gomez got charged with murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and drug possession.

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