Angus Allen

Gareth Allen and Angus Allen are the brothers of Oscar Allen. This article talks about family and net worth of Oscar.

Oscar Allen, an Australian rules football player, is now with the West Coast Eagles in the AFL.

On March 19, 1999, he was born in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia. He was born and raised in Tasmania, where he began playing football early.

Allen was a standout athlete and a football squad member at St Brendan-Shaw College in Devonport. He participated in the Under-18 National Championships for Tasmania in 2017 and was selected for the All-Australian team.

The West Coast Eagles selected Allen with pick 21 in the 2017 AFL Draft due to his impressive performances in the national championships.

He moved to Perth, Western Australia, to play football for the Eagles, where he started his professional career.

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Who Are Gareth And Angus Allen? Meet Oscar Allen Brothers

Oscar has two older brothers, Angus Allen, and Gareth Allen, who played football in the past.

Allen was born and raised in Tasmania, where he played football at a young age. His brothers, who have backed him throughout his football career, are considered very close.

One of Oscar Allen’s older brothers is Gareth Allen. Born in Tasmania, Australia, he grew up playing football, just like Oscar.

Angus Allen
Oscar Allen with his brother Angus Allen and grandmother (Source: Instagram)

Gareth is an Australian lacrosse player who won the bronze medal in Manchester during the 2010 World Lacrosse Championship.

One of Oscar Allen’s older brothers is named Angus Allen. Angus was born and raised in Tasmania, like Oscar and their other brother Gareth, and began playing football at a young age.

He participated in the Tasmanian State League (TSL) for several groups, including the Devonport Magpies and Burnie Dockers.

He is now a reserve player for West Perth Football Club. As a defender and midfielder, among other roles, Angus is renowned for his adaptability.

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Oscar Allen family explored

Information regarding Oscar Allen’s family is not widely known.

But in interviews, Oscar has acknowledged that his family helped him discover his love for football and gave him the support and direction he needed to achieve.

Angus Allen
Oscar Allen with his family (Source: Instagram)

Although there is no information in the public domain concerning Oscar’s parents, they have likely had a significant impact on his life and work.

Oscar seems like a quiet person, which may be why there isn’t much known about his family.

We will update it if he ever makes any revelations about his family.

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What is the net worth of oscar Allen?

Oscar Allen’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million. Professional Allen’s exact wage is unknown, but given his youth and talent, he likely makes a good living playing professional football.

Allen joined the West Coast Eagles in 2018, having been selected by the team in the 2017 draft.

Angus Allen
Image Of Oscar Allen (Source: Afl)

He is renowned for his excellent marking skills and adaptability, as he can play either as a striker or a defense.

Since making his debut, Allen has become a vital member of the West Coast Eagles and is known as one of the AFL’s up-and-coming stars.

The salaries of professional Australian Football League (AFL) players are typically determined by their performance and experience, with the highest-paid players taking home several hundred thousand dollars annually.

Oscar Allen may make additional money outside his AFL salary from endorsement deals or other business endeavors.

But, the specifics of his financial condition are not made public; thus, any speculation regarding his net worth is inappropriate.

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