Money Heist

Hope is like dominos. Once one falls, the rest follow. Well, one of the most-watched foreign-language series on Netflix is none other than Money Heist. This Spanish robbery series has made a name for itself with nail-biting suspense, cliff hangers, and also pinpoint humor. Money Heist Season 4 is ready to hit the floor pretty quickly then.

As most of the fans might know, Money Heist released its season 1 on May 9, 2017, and immediately season 2 was released on October 16, 2017. The show’s success took the internet by storm and became the most popular foreign language TV series in the year 2018.

Money Heist season 4
Money Heist

Likewise, season 3 hit the market after two years on July 19, 2019. Undoubtedly Money Heist fulfills its promise of being a cliffhanger. The tipsy turvy turn surely has the audience by their toes and relocates the emotions back to the audience.

Release Date

As season 3 ends as a war. Well, yes, the gold robbery turns out to be the war against the system. Oops, the spoilers? Maybe yes, but it’s worth it and every ounce of the theft turning to the war looks legit. Season 3 ends at the start of a war planned by the professor and executed by the robbers inside the Bank of Spain.

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Most of our readers might be excited to know that the production work of Money Heist season 4 has already begun. Sources suggest that it will roll down in 2020. The most exciting part surely is whether Netflix will stream it all in. But who would love a jackpot that’s coming to your door?


The Spanish crime thriller La Casa De Papel was undoubtedly the top watch series all over the internet in 2018. It has left all the audience hanging on the edge at the end of season 3. Most of the readers here might be biting off their nails in the wait for Money Heist season 4.

The cast of Money Heist season 4 will include almost everyone that’s from season 3 and some news faces. The actor, however, terms out to

Ursula Corbero

Ursula is one of the leading characters in the series Money Heist, and she will be a part of season 4 too. She portrays Tokyo’s role and has done an outstanding job with her witty nature and bold outlook.

Money Heist Cast
Ursula Corbero

Other than Money Heist, this artist’s commendable role includes the like of MirallTrencat, The Internship, Countdown; I’ll Fly, Grand Reserve, Isabel, and many more. Not only the series, but Tokyo has played movies like Chronicle of a will, Slides, Afterparty, The Split Crown, etc.

Alvaro Morte

Alvaro Antonio Garcia is one of the well known Spanish actors who play Sergio Marquina’s role, or we all love to say The Professor. He is the mastermind behind the robbery.

Money Heist season 4 cast
Alvaro Morte

Besides playing the all famous Money Heist, he has been part of Hospital Central, Planta 25, Aida, Isabel, Victor Ros, and many more. However, the career has reached to movies too, including Smalllfoot, Mirage, Wings, Ignora, etc.

Itziar Ituno

Who can forget the famous Raquel Murillo, who has been switching ends from season to season? Itziar Ituno Martinez has played the inspector’s role in Season 1 and two, but leaving all of that behind, she holds hands with The Professor and takes his side.

Itziar movies
Itziar Ituno

Besides playing Money Heist, she has been part of other projects like Agur Olentzero, Teilatupean, Goenkale, Kilker Dema, Arkadia, Loreak, Igelak, and many more.

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At the end of Money Heist season, 3 Raquel gets held up, so we feel that season 4 will be the redemption to the pseudo death of Raquel.

Alex Pina

The mastermind behind creating the breathtaking series that keeps the audience on its edge and with a twist every next second is none other than Alex Pina. He confirms the fact that Money Heist season 4 is in its production work, and surely it will hit the audience with a bang in 2020.

Alex Pina career
Alex Pina

Alex owns the skills as a Spanish writer and film director. Other than the famous Money Heist, some of the excellent work by Alex is Locked Up, The Pier, Paco’s Men. We hope that Money Heist season 4 will be something of a war against the execution of Raquel, and this man will leave no stones unturned.


Money Heist season 4 is still in its production, and there are no signs of the trailer to this date, but the season 3 trailer was something that lured the audience not to miss any bit of it.

The Unknown

This might come as a lucrative surprise, but the series Money Heist is to be made in India. The show is likely to be made into a movie by none other than Shahrukh Khan. There is no official confirmation about it, but there was flying news about it.

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Other than this, most of the readers are unaware, but Money Heist is one of the most-watched series in 2018, according to Netflix. The Mint robbery was shot in Spanish National Research Council headquarters, which looks like the original mint.


  1. Forget the Tatiana bubble,How exactly The Gang trapped inside the bank will find their way out is really the question.Professor’s priority definitely forms the storyline for Part 4,yes,maybe!

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