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Well, the fans of Game Of Thrones surely are not well happy by season 8. Surely, HBO has not gone into delivering what fans actually wanted. Rather it left many fans devastated and raging. The irony is that still fans rate GOT higher than much of all other series, but here comes one of the best from the grave, HBO Chernobyl.

When fans argue about GOT topping Breaking bad, Chernobyl makes the way making others hold the Dosimeter. Chernobyl surely is something of a class on its own. The day is not far when fans start to compare Chernobyl with GOT and Breaking Bad combined.

what after HBO GOT ?
Chernobyl the savior

Why HBO Chernobyl?

Well, the Chernobyl series is the story of a catastrophic nuclear accident that took place in Ukraine on 26th April 1986. The Chernobyl plant blast depiction is so realistic and worthy to watch that it grabbed 9.7 ratings on IMDB. The series was able to hook a lot of audiences and accolades in its 4 episodes.

HBO Chernobyl episodes

The furious GOT and calm Breaking Bad fans suggest that IMDB is not much of trustworthy and perfect to rate. Surprisingly, didn’t fans forget that their show is on the top based on IMDB?

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Contrastingly, are they suggesting the fans who voted Chernobyl for the top are not worthy fans? What do you readers think?

What Actually Happened that Night?

The 4 episodes of the series suggest the catastrophe, the power of lies trying to surpass the truth, and the people trying to tell the truth about that night.

The nuclear accident
Chernobyl next morning after the catastrophe

On the night of 26th April 1986, when the engineers tried to check out the cooling system for the safety drill, the incident took place.

When reactor 4 was tested at V.I Lenin nuclear power plant, sudden unexpected power surged happened. When the shutdown was on the line to happen suddenly, a more powerful electricity spike came along and as the episodes suggest pressing the AZ-5 button brought the blast.

The unprecedented blast brought the graphite moderator to the air, which resulted in huge flames of fire as well. The event took place at 1:23:40 am in the night.

Is HBO Chernobyl actually higher than GOT and Breaking Bad?

Well, the comparison between Chernobyl and GOT starts right from the setup of both series. Chernobyl begins with a real-life incident. The event that took place in Ukraine shook the entire country and affected most parts of Europe.

The miniseries show the struggle to be alive, the need to keep the state’s secret above people’s lives. Astonishingly, the attitude of people trying to live for the country and die for the country is praiseworthy.

The rising popularity is also highly supported by top-class acting from Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard, Emily Watson, and many more.

HBO mini series
Military Equipment used in Chernobyl.

The mini-series’ initial episode surely has shown hopes regarding the topping of IMDB and surpassing the great series like GOT, Breaking bad, The Wire, etc.

But the most interesting competition would be at the end of the series whether or not it will still remain there? ( P.S. there are only 5 episodes to wrap it all up)

What was till HBO Chernobyl Episode 4?

Interestingly the mini-series Chernobyl only owns 5 episodes, and 4 of them are already aired. The four episodes hugely show the struggle to save a nation from humility from disaster and also save the self-pride.

HBO Chernobyl cast
Chernobyl cast

The direction and the screenplay are so well disguised that it hooks up the audience and compelled to vote for ‘number 1.’ Isn’t it readers?

The accident that took place in the city of Pripyat was one of the worst men made catastrophe to date. The people who were living there were evacuated from the place after ten days. Legasov, one of the nuclear energy engineers, tries his level-best and all the tools and techniques to clear off the debris, also the region from radiation effect, which seems to be impossible in time.

Khumyok, who is a nuclear physicist, tends to search for answers to the actual question relating to the incident. The earlier episode suggests that when the AZ5 button is pressed, then there is surely no chance of the core to explode and graphite being all along the ground.

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The insight and the tidbits of the mini-series don’t actually define the class. So, the icing on the cake would be adding it to the watchlist immediately.

How did the blast happen then, even after following the safety procedure?

The fourth episode suggests that when the RBMK reactors run in low power, it is highly unstable, and the swings in reactivity occur. As per the procedure, when all the Boron control rods are pulled out from the reactor and effectively kept back in then, it’s not the Boron that goes in first, but it’s the graphite instead.

Well, the graphite tips act with graphite presence and displace the water and steam. Ultimately the dramatic rise in reactivity begins and the AZ-5 button being pressed adds to the injury. Unwittingly, the explosion happens.

Are the engineers involved in the experiment actually the culprit?

Well, one of the hot talked topics surely is about who the alleged is? The viewers might have their own theories about it. Some may say the soviet union; some may say the engineers. Lastly, some may say those who already did this experiment first must have said the exceptions.

Well, Volkov, who earlier did the experiment, knew the graphite enters first in the rods before Boron and said Kremlin 10 years ago, but the supremacy of the soviet union nuclear industry let it be the trade secrets and get hidden in some books.

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The readers might feel that everybody might have a fair share of their mistakes. Nobody is clean, and nobody is dirty all in?

Well, the viewers are left with this question? Whom do you think actually are the alleged or the flag bearer of the mistakes here?

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