Marjorie Oelrichs Death Cause

Marjorie Oelrichs Death Cause resulted from childbirth, but in the movie, it had nothing to do with childbirth.

Loosey, Marjorie Oelrichs Duchin was a socialite from the United States. Vogue described her as having “waxed skin and brows like butterflies.” 

Her talent and beauty elevated her to a prominent social figure in New York, and her poetry earned her a place in literary circles.

Her life story is one of glamour, tragedy, and creativity.

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Despite her wealthy upbringing, Marjorie was well-known for her artistic abilities. She loved poetry and acting, which she pursued throughout her life. 

She pursued her interest in Drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, where she also performed in several plays, including “The Right to Kill” and “The Crown Prince.”

In a 1926 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, an Edward Steichen photograph of Oelrichs appeared in an advertisement for Pond’s cold cream.

Marjorie Oelrichs Death Cause: What Did Eddy Duchin First Wife Die Of?

Marjorie Oelrichs, bandleader Eddy Duchin’s first wife, died on August 3, 1937, at the Harbor Sanitarium on 667 Madison Avenue in New York City. Her death occurred when she was only 29 years old.

Oelrichs died on July 28, 1937, just six days after the birth of her and Duchin’s son, Peter Oelrichs Duchin.

Peter was raised by family friends, statesman W. Averell Harriman and his wife, Marie Norton Harriman, after Oelrichs’ death in 1951.

Marjorie Oelrichs Death Cause
Marjorie Oelrichs During 1926 (Source: Findagrave)

Despite her tragic life, Marjorie Oelrichs was remembered for her beauty, talent, and creativity.

Her poetry was praised for its lyrical beauty and emotional depth, and she made significant contributions to theater and the early twentieth-century New York social scene.

Despite her untimely death, her work and the memories of those who knew and loved her live on.

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Who Was Eddy Duchin? Meet Marjorie Oelrichs Husband

After meeting at the Waldorf, late Marjorie married dance bandleader Eddy Duchin on June 5, 1935, in her mother’s apartment at the Hotel Pierre, officiated by Judge Vincent Lippe. 

Because Eddy was Jewish, Marjorie’s name was removed from the New York Social Register for marrying Duchin; her reaction was reportedly adverse.

“What does it matter? It’s nothing more than a phone book.”

Marjorie Oelrichs Death Cause
Marjorie Oelrichs Husband, Eddy Duchin (Source: Classicchicago Magazine)

Edwin Frank Duchin, also known as Eddy Duchin or Eddie Duchin, was an American jazz pianist and bandleader who worked in the 1930s and 1940s.

During WWII, Duchin joined the United States Navy and served as a combat officer in a destroyer squadron in the Mediterranean and Pacific.

He was promoted to lieutenant commander (O4). The Navy Commendation ribbon with Combat “V,” Combat Action Ribbon, American Area Campaign medal, European-Africa-Middle Eastern Area Campaign medal, Asiatic-Pacific Area Campaign medal, and World War II Victory medal was among Duchin’s military decorations. 

Despite a try at a new radio show in 1949, Duchin was unable to reclaim his former stardom after his discharge from the military.

On February 9, 1951, Eddy Duchin passed from acute myelogenous leukemia at 41 Memorial Hospital in Manhattan.

His ashes were scattered in the Atlantic Ocean after he was cremated.

Who Were Marjorie Oelrichs Parents? Early Life Explored

Marjorie Ramely Oelrichs (née Turnbull; 1883-1952) and Charles de Loosey Oelrichs were married on June 23, 1908. (1882–1973).

Following her parents’ divorce, her Father remarried in 1926 to Madeleine Lucienne Meyer, the daughter of Millius Pierre Meyer.

Her paternal grandparents were Blanche de Loosey, a wealthy broker well-known in Gilded Age New York society, and Charles May Oelrichs.

Oelrichs’ maternal grandparents have retired naval officer Lt. Commander Frank Turnbull and his wife, the former Marion Louise Bates, a descendant of William Bradford, governor of Plymouth Colony in the 17th century. 

Alison Turnbull Hopkins, a suffragist, was Marjorie’s maternal aunt. Michael Strange, a poet and playwright, was her paternal aunt.

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