Maegan Aguilar death

Though the Filipino singer suffered a massive cardiac arrest, sources concluded that Maegan Aguilar death news is just a rumor & the recent news trends are unjustifiable.

Maegan Aguilar is a Filipino singer and professional stage performer of the pop genre who has sparked the taste of talent all over the Filipino music industry.

Maegan Aguilar followed the footmarks of her father, Freddie Pascual Aguilar, a folk music legend, and pursued a career in music. 

Sources believe the Filipino singer was born on April 9, 1979, in the capital of Philippians to parents of Filipino origin.

But more than her details, people are interested in learning “What happened to Maegan Aguilar?” and Maegan Aguilar death rumors spreading around the internet.

Not many details about Maegan Aguilar death and recent health updates are yet published, but reports suggest the lady suffered a cardiac arrest.

Further details are in the discovery phase, so please stay updated on recent rumors about Maegan Aguilar death & health complications.

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Maegan Aguilar Death News: Rumor or Fake reports?

According to the sources, the Filipino singer and professional stage performer suffered a massive cardiac arrest, and her case on drugs is still ongoing.

Though the Filipino singer suffered a massive attack, Maegan Aguilar death rumor is fake and media-made for TRP and controversial statements.

Maegan’s drug case is trending over the internet, and several big media houses are presenting the rumors of Maegan Aguilar death as headlines, but the details are just that, rumors.

Reports suggest after the cardiac attack, when doctors & medical experts conducted strand drug tests, they discovered she tested positive.

Maegan Aguilar death news
Filipino Singer Maegan Aguilar. (Source:

Doctors explained complications in the singer’s health because of recent drug abuse and suspected the recent cardiac arrest was related to the misuse of methamphetamine.

Fortunately, the case wasn’t complicated enough for Maegan Aguilar death, but sources believe the current condition is deteriorating.

Following Maegan Aguilar death rumors, followers are eager to discover the latest updates on Aguilar’s health, but we request to filter the news before understanding the context.

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What Happened to Filipino Singer Maegan Aguilar? Health Updates

Recently, the second child of Filipino folk legend Freddie Aguilar suffered a massive cardiac arrest, possibly because of hyperthyroidism and malnutrition, which she has suffered for years.

Moreover, Maegan tested positive for methamphetamine in a hair strand drug test and admitted she consumed it recently after her mental & emotional breakdown.

As per past reports, the Filipino singer’s relationship with her father always remained stressed, but after her recent cardiac arrest, Maegan became emotional.

Talking with a media house during the interview, the lady called out her father and said, “Dad, I need you right now.”

Maegan wished for her broken & estranged relationship with her father, Freddie Pascual, to mend before it was too late.

Additionally, the lady spoke about her mother & disclosed that she is wed to someone else, and their bond is not very strong & they haven’t connected for years.

Maegan sends her father a message expressing her need for him and her desire for them to embrace one another as they are.

Maegan Aguilar death news fake or true?
Maegan Aguilar Seeks Help From Estranged Father, Freddie. (Source:

Further, because of the artist’s drug use, her father and some internet users have expressed concern and asked her to take a drug test before getting assistance.

And during the drug test, Maegan tested positive for methamphetamine use repeatedly for a couple of days, which could have severe consequences for her career and reputation.

Unfortunately, the daughter of the Filipino folk legend refused to undergo drug rehabilitation and currently wants to recover from a massive and life-threatening cardiac arrest.

Further details on Maegan Aguilar death rumors and recent health improvements are still in the discovery phase, so please stay tuned to remain updated on the trending headline.

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