Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob

Before the big revelation of George’s affair with Brenda, Young Sheldon is possibly placing a most anticipated question on the queue “Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?”

After a long and beautiful relationship for four seasons, the marriage of George Sr. and Mary Cooper suffered a lot of strains in the fifth season of Young Sheldon.

The relationship between the couple reached the boiling point in the fifth season of Young Sheldon, setting up Mary’s & George’s affairs one after another.

The story from “The Big Bang Theory” about catching George having sexual intimacy with another woman has been the most anticipated plot in Young Sheldon for years.

And suddenly, Young Sheldon set up Mary’s affair before the big reveal of George’s sexual relationship with another lady.

Speculating the information, followers have one significant doubt on their heads on this unexpected plot twist “Did Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?”

And fans believe there is a high possibility of Mary Cooper getting her cheating plotline before the highly anticipated reveal of George Cooper’s affair.

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Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob? Twisted Plotline Explained

The new Young Sheldon season features Mary catching George flirting with Brenda while she is going to labor, and nowhere supports Mary’s act of affair with Pastor Rob.

George cheating on Mary with Brenda has been the show’s most anticipated plotline for years around which the play revolves.

But recent speculations revealed Mary’s possible cheating act on George Sr. with Pastor Rob.

As shown in the Young Sheldon season 4 finale, George & Brenda’s relationship and flirtations sparkled after their unconvincing meetup.

And since then, The Big Bang Theory spinoff has been tackling Mary’s & George’s relationship on & off.

Further, the answer to the highly anticipated question in the show’s history, “Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?” seems missing from the current season.

Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob
Mary And Pastor Rob. (Source: Screen Rant)

While George & Mary’s marriage looks like falling after George’s affair with Brenda, Mary & Pastor Rob were only introduced to each other in season 5, but they instantly connected.

And following the potential development of romantic attraction between Mary and Rob, people are interested in how the show tackles and answers questions related to “Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?”

Only Missy knows that Mary and George could have secret affairs with other people, and the possible cheating scandal hasn’t been tackled in the show.

Fans and followers of Young Sheldon believe if Mary has information about her husband seeing her neighbour, George may also know of her interactions and romantic affair with Pastor Rob.

And if the show goes that way, the answer to “Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob?” will surely be pretty straight and clear.

But for now, because of Paige’s return and Mandy’s pregnancy, the subject isn’t yet focused on in the show.

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George And Mary Affairs History Explored

While George Sr. and next-door neighbour Brenda’s romantic affair sparkled in the finale of The Young Sheldon season 4, Mary and Rob only met in season 5 but built a relationship even faster.

Followers think everything about Mary and Pastor rob starts when, between the conversation between George & Mary, Pastor Rob comes barging in supporting Mary without understanding the condition.

Mary never has any extra-marital affairs in The Big Bang Theory, but Young Sheldon seems like preparing an arc with Pastor rob for a while now.

Does Mary cheat on George with Pastor Rob
George And Brenda. (Source: YouTube)

And with an effort to establish a similar plotline and spin of Young Sheldon with The Big Bang Theory, the show is now moving towards the destruction of Cooper’s family.

Sources believe the revelation of an affair between the Cooper parents, Brenda and Pastor Rob, could be the way to change the plotline of the show.

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